Monday, December 9, 2013

November Third Sunday Dinner Report

     Third Sunday Dinner's are always amazing and November's are always the biggest and most exciting.  This year there were between 150 to 200 persons.  Wow what a party.  Three smoked turkeys, 49+ pounds of smoked chicken breast, 200 plus dinner rolls, 40+ pounds of mashed potatoes, homemade green corn tamales,  and a whole lot of other great foods.  It was really great food.  I loved the crowd and enjoyed every minute.  

     Below is a picture reveiw of the event.  Pictures can say more and tell a better story.  So happy holidays to you and I hope your holidays are filled with great food and wonderful memories of family and friends.  Enjoy the Adventure.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

My son got uip on the house and took a picture of the event from the house top.  I love it.  
Our back yard is filled to capacity.  I am grateful for mild weather in November
in Arizona.  There is no way everyone would fit in the house.
This is my crew.  The boys.  I love them and we really have a greast time each Third Sunday Dinner.  What a group of
workers.  They come early and leave late.  So grateful for them and they are learning so much.  

Cutting the cookies.

Rainy is one amazing lady.  She is wonderful.  I never know what
she is going to bring,  It is alway wonderful.  

These boys just dive right in.  

A little lesson on Turkey Carving 

Fast learner.  He carved three large turkeys and one large ham.  

Whipping the mashed potatoes.  Yes I have to admit we used instant.
For a group that size you almost have to.  The thing about instant is
you can have them ready in an instant.  I keep a water pot boiling all during
the meal so we never run out.   For a meal like this you cannot run out of mash potatoes.

Smoked Chicken Breast.  I love my smoker.

Cutting the chicken up. 

Lots of chicken to cut up.

Look at those mashed potatoes.

The Mccarry Family.  Wow  I love them.  They moved in the neighborhood
rigfht after we started having Third Sunday Dinners over 5 years ago.
We touch base a few days before dinner and see what I am needing.
What ever I ask they always come through.  We have become best friends
through the service we do together. 

Just a perfect example of the great people we get to meet at
Third Sunday Dinner

Wonderful Group

Happy faces

The Great Turkey Carver.  

The dessert and roll table.

Dinner rolls.  It seems no matter how many you make
there is never enough.  

More desserts.  

Salads and notice the pumpkin.  That was the center pieces on the table.
I cut the top off and filled them up with fresh rosemary and lemon grass.
They were great gifts to some of the families that came.  They loved them.  

Great food.  Getting ready to disappear. 

And the lines form. 

Look at this group of people.  Fills my heart with joy.  

To precious these boys.  Nothing like a happy boy.  

I love the mix of people we get over for dinner.  That is one of the
blessings of where I live.  We get a wonderful blend of culture and charecter. 

Waiting for the food. 

Smoked Turkeys. 

Thank you for sharing my Third Suday Adventure with me.  I love the great blessing it has been in my life and the lives of my family as we have opened up our home to others.  It is amazing how much  joy can come into ones life as we open our hearts and homes to others.   It has been a wonderful experience  and I look forward to many more years of Third Sunday Dinners.