Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chef Brad's New Cookbook

"Changing the world one Grain at a time".

I have worked for a long time on putting together a new cookbook. Actually this cookbook is two in one.  Whole grain baking at it's best and Gluten Free like never before.  For most recipes in the book there are two versions.  Whole Grain and Gluten Free.  The recipes are back to back and easy to prepare.  

My main objective with this cookbook was to assist everyone who has a need for gluten free.  We might not be but we all know someone who is and we scramble when they come to make sure we have foods for them  So this cookbook works if you are not gluten free, if you are gluten free, or if you just like to bake.   I have covered all the bases.  

I wanted to create a really unique cookbook that offers gluten free foods that are whole grain and easy to prepare, not filled with white starches and sugar.   I was determined not to publish a cookbook unless the recipes were as good as I could get them making them healthy and tasty at the same time.  I feel I have accomplished both.  Of course when you use pure white flour and nothing but processed ingredients you will bet a different result then you will find with my whole grain recipes.  I am thrilled and hope you will too.  

One other feature that you will love in this book is the extra educational feature that I have added.  In this book you will find QR codes at the bottom of select recipes.  When you scan the recipe you will see a video of me teaching you how to do the recipe.  

The book comes out in July.  Over the next few weeks I will share photos of the book featuring the recipes in the book.  All the photos include polish pottery from my private collection.  I have formed a partner ship with Pottery Avenue.  They are offering all my followers a huge discount when you order from their site, www.PotteryAvenue.com,  just use the code chefbrad and get the discount.  

Below are a few photos of the food in the cookbook.  Actual baked and shot right away.   It was two weeks of very intense baking and photo shotting.  You can see there is not a lot of difference between gluten free and regular.  

Fresh baked bread.  Whole wheat, perfect bread.

Fresh baked Gluten Free Bread.  Actually one of the best gluten free breads ever.

Gluten free burger bunn.  Gluten free has never been better. 

Whole Grain Burger bunn 

Rosemary flat bread. 
Gluten free rosemary flat bread.   Texture is perfect. 

Sour dough cinnamon roll 

Gluten free cinnamon rolls.  

Please spread the word.  I really want this book to be a best seller.  I need your help in getting the word out.  It should be ready in July.  Make sure you are signed up for my news letter at www.chefbrad.com to get the facts.  

Chef Brad~America Grain Guy