Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chef Brad Events, Have You Been?

If You have never been to one of my Chef Brad Events,  you have missed out.  They are inspiring, fun, and life changing.  In fact a Chef Brad Event will change your life forever.  That's a promise.  

Just what is a Chef Brad Event anyway? 

Its three to four days of me being in your home cooking, teaching, and inspiring you to achieve new heights in food and fun.  You open your home up to friends, family, and other interested persons for classes.    Usually I teach three classes each day from baking to pressure cooking,  soups and salads to desserts, and so much more, and the classes last about 2 hours each.  Usually I will teach one of the nights a Women's Group or Club at the beginning and always on Friday  we do a "Hand's on Dinner Party",  one of my personal favorite classes ever for anyone who wants a great culinary experience. 

Each class comes with recipes, lots of food to eat, and face to face interaction and instruction from me.   They are really inspiring and so much fun.  This is the type of teaching I love the best.  You can ask questions and it really is the perfect learning environment for those who attend.  

How does one get Chef Brad to come to their town or city?

It's really easy.  You can send an email to me at and I will send you information on just how easy it is to have me come and do a Chef Brad Event in your home and area.  Together we can find the perfect time and we will plan the classes that will fit the needs of your family, friends, and area.  

What is the Cost of a Chef Brad Event?

That is the best part, they are really affordable and packed with value for what you get.  Classes range from $40 to $75 per person.   The classes are priced according to what is being taught and the average class is $40 per person.   Classes include recipes, instruction, door prizes, and plenty of food and fun.  
Often when you attend a class your name is put in a drawing for a Grand Prize at the end of the Event.  That changes from Mills to Mixers and other valuable items.   I really work hard on keeping the class prices down and the best way we do that is to help fill them up.  Those of you who have been know that I never cut corners and my goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. 

Some of the ways I keep the cost down is I stay at the host families home.  (I am an easy house guest)  Also often I will drive there, but if it is far I do fly.  I cover the cost of travel, but for that to happen we need to have 100 to 150 persons sign up for classes.  This is pretty simple.  If I teach ten classes for the few days I am there we need 10 to 15 persons per class.  Pretty easy.  We do all we can to promote on our web site and through social media and we ask you to help also.  I can provide you will all the information you need to promote.  

What do you need to host an event in your home?

A kitchen always helps.  Room for 10 to 25 persons seated for instruction.  Functioning appliances, like oven and stove top.  I will go over a more detailed list as we move closer to the event.  It's pretty simple.  I always offer free classes for those who want to assist during the Event.  One person per class and two couples on the Friday night class.  This allows those that might not be able to budget the class and it gives the hostess and me help in prepping and clean up and the helper gets a free class.  Don't stress,  I have been doing this for a long time and it always works out great.  

The calendar fills up fast.  So if your interested don't waste anytime,  just let me know and we can start planning your Chef Brad Event.  

Below is a photo journey of a couple of Chef Brad Events.  It give you an idea of what happens and what to expect.  Enjoy  Chef Brad

We make some pretty great food, this is an Spanish Torte done in the pressure cooker.

A great place to come with friends.

So much to do.  So little time. 

She is so happy.  Inspired to bake bread.  It is as easy as it looks.  

More Bread.  Simple tricks like braiding the bread add flare to bread baking.

Rapt attention,  Even men love these classes. 

There is always a lot of discussions going on during an event. 

For me the best part is getting to know the families I stay with.  After a  few days
together we are family.  I love this part of what I do the most. 

My dear friend I met in Utah,  he moved to Oregon and we were able to hang out cooking all night.
Chef Brad Events bring people together.  

Great date night activity.  They made Kamut Risotto,  it was amazing. 

We go with the flow.  Eric has a commercial pizza oven in his garage so we put it to use.  So much fun.  We even did gluten free pizza. 

Hazelnut cashew fruit platter.  

Red quinoa salmon cakes.  

The pizza was amazing.  

I love teaching and this group loved learning.  

The winner of the Wondermix.  Pretty funny,  Her grandson last August had won
the Wondermill.  Now they have both.  

Don't they say a couple that cooks together stays together.  They sure look happy.

Men doing their favorite thing.  Making gourmet burgers. 

Everyone gets involved.  

Making the Flat Bread.  They sure had a great time. 

We do it all.  

One of the door prizes.  Don't laugh, my private reserve bacon drippings.  

I make vinegars and vanilla for door prizes.  You never know what to expect at a Chef Brad Event.  

Ok the down side is your kitchen is going to be a disaster for a few days.  LOL

A close look at some really great food from the pressure cooker.  

Getting ready for a large women's group meeting.

This group had a great time attending a Chef Brad Evening where they were taught
all about feeding their families and enjoying the process. 

Even the youth love it when Chef Brad comes to town.  Really I was so touched by their sweetness.  The one in yellow said her cheeks hurt from smiling.  It made my day.  

Happy times.  

They had a great date night.  And learned how to make hummus. 

Wow the street corn turned out great.  Happiness makes food better.

Waiting for dinner. Almost ready, but no hurry, enjoying the company. 

These burgers are going to be great.  

What!  Lamb for dinner.  Wow it looks great. 

So happy to be there.  It's fun when I get to meet the husbands and explain why I have cost them
some money this week. 

I don't know where you can go and get a meal like this anywhere. 

My mouth is watering. 

Couscous and Israeli Chicken 

The lamb was grilled to perfection. 

Finished, I cleaned my plate.  The End, but really the beginning.
Get ready for a life changing experience.  Odalisa has hosted me three times in her home
and looks forward to the next time.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My new Hero, Bob from Bob's Red Mill

My new hero.  Bob from Bob's Red Mill.  I adore the man.  

     Recently I was on a teaching tour in Portland area.  My wonderful host, the Wilson Family called and arranged for me to spend the morning with Bob, from Bob's Red Mill.  Wow,  what a treat.  

      First off I was amazed that Bob,  who at over 80 years old completely runs the company, would have time for me.  He actually blocked off hours for me and I was  in heaven.  He gave me a personal tour of the entire building which is by the way massive.   From the mills to the labs, I enjoyed every minute.

     I learned so much stuff.  Did you know that when a load of grains come into the dock that before it is unloaded a sample is taken up stairs to the Lab and test are run to make sure it is up to the standard of Bob.   For example if it is gluten free it is checked for gluten and even if a trace is found it is rejected.   He has no problem sending back complete truckloads of grains that do not match his standards.  I love that.  

     I had no idea that Bob's is the largest grain packaging plant in the world.  He bags more grains than any one else.  For that reason he can demand the quality of the products he brings in.  

     I love the mills.  It was amazing how many he had and how much they work.  They are grinding 24 hours a day.   The mill never stops and employees over 400 employees.   

     Speaking of Employees,  Bob's love him.  I asked them.  And they all love working for him.  His turnover is low.  That tells you a lot about a company.  His main turnover is when they retire and his hiring is for expansion, not replacement.   As we went through the plant I was amazed that he knew every single employee by name,  from the lab techs, to the janitors.  I asked him about that.  He laughed and said, "I should, I hired them all personally."    Amazing.  

      He took the time to show me every part of his factory/mill/plant.  It was amazing.  I enjoyed every second and learned so much from him.  His love of grains was inspiring.  In fact I was so happy to be with someone that loved grains as much as I do.  At one point over lunch he said "Chef Brad, where have you been all my life".   I was thinking the same thing.  

     His story is great and inspiring.  I am in my fifties and wonder sometimes if I am going to be able to get it all done.  Bob was so inspiring to me.  In his eighties he does more then men half his age.   He inspired me to never stop,  no matter what keep moving forward and he speaks from experience.  His mill was burned to the ground and he picked up and started over only to become what he is today.  

      And what is Bob today.  Bob is a man that at 88 years old still has a vision and works each day to get it done.  He loves what he does and inspires thousands by his example and dream.  He is all about quality and blessing the lives of everyone he comes in contact with.    I loved that fact that he was willing to take a few hours out of his day and bless my day and inspire me to keep moving forward to capture my dreams.   Thank you Bob for  one of the best days ever.  Thank you for providing America with grains.  

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

The tour guide was great, but I loved the caption over her head.

My dear friend Eric Wilson.  We enjoyed the tour of Bob's Red Mill.   We are standing in front of a really old mill.  

Bob loves to read.  He gave me this book and I love it. 

I love this.  My entire last twenty years has been built on this theme.  No grain No gain.  

The Wondermix Does it All, Do You Want One

The most frequent question I get when I am out teaching is and traveling is "What mixer do you recommend?"  Or "What do you think of the Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd?"  I can hardly say the word and even typing it is hard.   

I am adamant that you really have to have a good mixer in the kitchen to enjoy optimal health and life.  Having a good mixer is as essential as having toilet paper.  You might think you can get along without it, but why?  A good mixer like toilet paper sure makes the job easier.   

I use my mixer almost daily, from the blender to mixing doughs, cookies, cakes, whipped cream, and so many other foods that enrich and bless my life and the life of my family.  The great thing is that having a good mixer actually saves time and money.  

In my opinion,  the Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd is a good machine for maybe a few things, but the Wondermix does it all.  The Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd dreams about doing all the things the Wondermix will do.  

I love a good mixer and in my humble, but opinionated knowledge, the Wondermix is by far the best mixer on the market today.  It's German technology and long proven record of durability is without questions a good reason to own one.  

And the price is great.  It comes with a blender that has a life time warranty on it.  

I have always enjoyed baking and with my Wondermix I can do small to large in moments.  I can do 5 large loaves of bread from start to finish in just over one hour.  And the bread is perfect every time.  

Having a Wondermix is a wonderful experience. It brings me joy.  Here are a few pictures of some of my Wondermix creations.   I am constantly posting new recipes and videos at that I am sure you will love.