Thursday, November 24, 2016

That Perfect Pork Roast

When the weather cools off I really enjoy slow roasting a great pork picnic roast.  Full of flavor and when cooked slowly so tender.  One thing I really enjoy is how it warms the house and the aroma leaves your mouth watering in anticipation for the end product.  The bargain is that this roast can be purchased on sale for $0.79 per pound.  That is a real bargain.  

I love doing a different kinds of roast,  from beef to lamb,  pork to more pork, and I enjoy many different ways of cooking them.  The pressure cooker is great,  I love the smoker, but sometimes I just really enjoy the good old fashioned way of slow roasting in the Oven.   Newer ovens have the convection roast setting and I love that.  My Thermador does a super job of roasting.  

For this roast I just slow roasted for 4 hours at about 275 degrees.  I cut the top with a sharp knife and drizzled with it balsamic vinegar and agave.   I sprinkled with well with a good seasoning and placed three chopped apples and 1 cup of dried figs, with on chopped onion.   It was great.  The pork slow roasted and in the process the apples and figs cooked to perfection.    After the roast was cooked to perfection I poured the apples, figs, onions, and drippings into the blender.  Blended it well and poured it over the roast before serving.  It was great.   

The only limited when it comes to cooking is our own imagination.  It is endless what we can do if we only use ours to create great things.  

The roast is seasoned and ready to bake.  Onions, apples, and figs with a drizzle of vinegar.  

The fat caramelized  and you can see the apples, figs, and onions did the same.  It's not burnt, 
just packed with flavor.   You could just serve the apples and figs on the side.

The sauce looks amazing.  And wow it was so good.  I did sweeten it up with a good drizzle of agave.

The best indication of something being good is just how much was left.  Nothing.  I love that. 
What was left I saved and the next day I placed the bone and extra in the pressure cooker with some beans and cooked it on high for 50 minutes.  Wow.  What great beans.  

Picnic Pork Roast

3 granny smith apples,  cut in chunks
1 cup dried figs
1 large onion,  chopped
1/4 cup maple balsamic vinegar 
2 tablespoons seasoning for pork  

Place apples, figs, and onion in a large roasting pan.   Place the roast on top fat side up.  Score the fat.  Drizzle with balsamic and agave and sprinkle with seasoning.  Place in hot 275 degree oven and roast for 4 hours.  

Remove from oven and place roast in other pan and place drippings in blender and puree.  Place roast back in pan and top with sauce.  Place in oven and cook for 10 minutes.   Remove and enjoy.  

I served this with a red rice.

Friday, November 11, 2016

What is a Chef Brad Event really like?

What is a Chef Brad Event really like?   I get asked that all the time so here goes,  my attempt to try to explain just what one is.   I have been doing them off and on for a few years.  It all started years ago when my friend a dear friend from Glendora California,  Dyan Steimle, actually we were not friends at the time, but anyway,  she walked up to me at Education Week in Provo Utah and asked what it would take for me to come there and teach classes.  It was wonderful and I am still doing them,  that was maybe ten years ago.  I love them.  

They are a lot of work and hours of planning and preparation, but the end result is 3 to 5 days filled with food and fun.  The way it works is you contact me by sending me an email to  and I will get back with you.   Have a few dates in mind and it's pretty easy after that.  I usually stay at the home of the hosting family.    I teach three to five days of classes with two to three classes each  day and try to include at the beginning a free presentation at your church or women's group or club.  

The Classes range from $40 to $60 per class per person.  Classes are two hours long and are filled with tons of information, food, fun, and you get copies of all the recipes.   Topics range from grains to  baking,  gluten free to pressure cooking and everything in between.   I do a lot with health and wellness, but am not a fanatic about it.  The whole purpose of the classes are to fill you with a desire to get back into the kitchen, no matter where you are in your personal journey of food and health and wellness.  

Here is a photo journey of some Chef Brad Events.   Enjoy  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy 

Dyan the first person to have an Event  And look,  way back then we were using a Wondermill.  

Chef Brad Events are truly life changing.  From the education about food to the experience of learning and experiencing on a personal level my unique style of teaching.  My goal is to leave you inspired and filled with the knowledge you can do it.  One of the most common remarks I ever receive from a Chef Brad Event is "You really make me feel like I can do this."   That is what it's all about for me.  Empowering those attending to enjoy the journey even more.  

Anxiously waiting for instruction.  

So happy to be there.   Glendora is a great place to teach.  

I hate old pictures.  Can't  believe I how we change. 
Sometimes we even do outings.  I Love a good olive oil store and a good shopping experience. 

Always fresh baked rolls.  

Wow,  I love Chef Brad's food 

Connie has wanted me to come to Casper Wyoming for a long time.  She talked her good friend Aline Winn into getting me there.  Connie is a long time hard core Chef Brad fan.  I absolutely loved meeting her family and I think her husband was actually glad to meet the man that has cost him some money over the years.  No complaining from Cliff.  He loves it all.
So much good food to eat.  A Chef Brad Event is all about great food and fun.  You never leave an event hungry. 

Chef Brad Events are all about teaching those attending how to create great food with simple but healthy ingredients.    From using grains in most dishes you learn to create foods that explode with flavor in your mouths.

This is a wonderful grain fruit salad.

This is another example of a super grain dish.  Fruit, chicken, and slightly warmed to bring out all the goodness.
This is my favorite dish.  It blows peoples minds.  Pulled pork, buttermilk syrup and a hint of bbq sauce.
The waffle is whole grain.  But light and oh so amazing. 

How can you not have a culinary experience when traveling.  I am all about health and wellness, but I also am all about enjoying really great quality foods made with love and clean ingredients.  Blue Star Donuts in Portland is worth the trip.  Wow,  they put donuts on a whole new level.  

Great products make great foods and super memories. and of course even greater friends.  

One of the best parts of a Chef Brad Event for me is getting to know the family where I stay.  This young man has a special place in my heart.  I love how he loved my food.   Really made me feel special.  Thank you Duncan Family for all the great memories.
Class members are ready to learn. 

The hands on dinner party on Friday night has turned out to be our most popular event.  Everyone comes and cooks and we all enjoy a wonderful meal.  Actually I honestly get emotional about these nights.   You have to go to experience the magic.  Everyone cooking and laughing,  creating great memories that last forever.   

Happy winners of the door prizes.  Complements of Better Body Foods.  I love their products and so do the participants.   

Every home I go to is completely different,  but it always works perfectly.  

Connie and Valine taking a much needed break before the action begin.  

I love seeing everyone so engaged, from cooking to just visiting and getting to know each other.   

 Who doesn't enjoy a fresh ground gourmet burger.  And yes we even baked the bread we serve  them on.

  From burgers to wonderful creations in the pressure cooker, all bases are covered at a Chef Brad Event.  

A Chef Brad Event is all about love.  Love of food, friends, and the journey.  I personally love Chef Brad Events.  I love the food created, the friends I meet, and the personal journey I am on.   I love sharing what I have learned with others and the joy is I just keep learning and it just gets better. 
I hope to be able to experience a Chef Brad Event with you sometime.  Don't wait.  The Calendar fills up really fast and I am limited on how many I can do each year.  See you soon in the comfort of your home with your family and friends, enjoying the real joys of the Journey,  Family, Friends, and of course Food.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy