Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Third Sunday Dinner Report

"Deep Fried French Toast,  I am so glad I came."

While the rest of the world is in the deepest part of winter,  we are enjoying the best time of the year.  Winter in Arizona is like summer everywhere else.    Perfect weather for Third Sunday Dinner.  In the some what cooler months of the year I like to do cooking things.  Meaning getting out the dutch ovens and burners and doing some frying or cooking.  One of our traditions now after 8 years of doing this is Deep Fried French Toast.  It's amazing   Actually it is my Grandpa's recipe that I grew up eating at home.  I clearly remember the first time I had French toast in a cafe.  I was totally shocked and could not figure out what I had ordered.  This pale yellow eggy dish was not French toast.  They must have gotten my order wrong.   Nope,  come to find out my grandpa was doing it all wrong or he was doing it all right as far as I was concerned.   Nothing compared to deep fried French toast.  Golden brown, crispy around the edges,  a hit of nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with maple syrup or buttermilk syrup.  Heaven indeed.  

I actually don't make it often,  we don't eat a lot of fried foods, but when I do,  I enjoy each and every bit.  Some foods are like that,  not eaten a lot, but enjoyed so much when we take the time to make them.  

Growing up we fried our French toast in Crisco.  Wow,  Crisco is amazing in how fried foods turn out, but it is one of the worst foods for heart health.  I don't use it anymore and I have to say it is better with Crisco.  

I love cooking foods that bring up memories of past and bring to our minds those we have loved.  That is what happens when I make deep Fried French toast.   It brings up so many good memories and now I have even more memories to add to my collection of memories.  Over the past few years I have created many many more memories during Third Sunday Dinner.   It is wonderful to share those with friends.  I love to hear stories and comments like "Do you remember that French Toast you made?" or "That was the best stuff I have ever eaten,"  it is great to hear things like that knowing that we are creating memories that will last a life time.

I love hearing of others success in Third Sunday Dinners.  Good friends of mine we called to Ohio for a mission.  They had been coming to our dinners for a long time and actually started a tradition in Ohio that is still going on.  Food is powerful 

Please, if your having this type of experience take the time and email me.  I would love to share your success with others.  Send pictures if you can.  You can send them to chef@chefbrad.com.  I am certain others will love to hear your stories and success.   

Getting the tables and back yard in place.  I love these youth that come every month and help me get set up.  

Micah Porter.  What a great young man.  Missionary Prep at it's best. 

My camp propane burners and dutch ovens work perfect
for outdoor cooking.  Easy Clean up.  

There you go,  Deep Fried French Toast.  Food straight from Heaven

Happy Faces

Lots of food and we love having the Mormon Missionaries come to dinner. 

This family is one of our closest friends.
They actually were the first family we started inviting to dinner.
So grateful for their friendship.  Our children are so close and love the family.  We never know just
how much our lives will be touched when we reach out and get to know someone.  

The end of another wonderful Third Sunday Dinner 

And often the beginning of new and wonderful friendships.  

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy