Monday, February 17, 2014

Third Sunday Dinner Report February 2014

Happy people eating and enjoying Mesa's wonderful weather.  
     Third Sunday Dinners are always the best.  I enjoy each and everyone and look forward to see who shows up.  We never know how many or who will come to dinner.  I love meeting new people and having new experiences each month.  The weather in Arizona is perfect. It was so wonderful having it outside in the back yard with perfect weather. Amazing.
     Each month my appreciation grows for the opportunities we have to invite people into our home and enjoy them and get to know them.  We have been doing these for over 5 years and it only gets better.
     When deciding what to cook I always try to do things that are easy and yes "cost effective".  The challenge is to be creative and still keep the budget low.  Pasta is a great way to keep the costs down. And there are so many different kinds of pasta and literally thousands of ways to cook it.  So this month pasta it was.  I created a really fun dish,  I have no idea what to call it, but it was great.  I cooked bowtie pasta and and placed it in pans and covered it with a whole grain white sauce.  On top of that I cooked shells and filled them with ricotta cheese and red quinoa.  I covered the shells with red sauce and cheese and baked it.  This dish was prepared on Saturday night so on Sunday I just placed it in the oven a couple of hours before to warm it up.

Bow Tie Pasta cooked and tossed
in olive oil  


Bow Tie Pasta, cooked and tossed in oil.

Shells stuffed with ricotta cheese
and red quinoa
Pasta and Shells topped with red
sauce and cheese.  

   I stuffed the Shells and put them on the pasta.  I covered them with red sauce and cheese.  Everyone thought it was lasagna.

This is the dough for the Rosemary Flat Bread.  Look at the Teff grain in it.  Added so much texture. 

Flat bread on the table ready to dress
with oil, herbs, and salt.  

        We rolled out and baked 13 breads.  Everyone loved it.  Who does not like fresh baked breads.  I had a pizza stone in the oven and each bread baked quickly.  It is a wonderful way to food a large group.

Tossed Salad

Sweet Chard from my garden with Red Quinoa
Freeze Dried Pinapples 

The Table starting to fill up.  

I love this....

The cute blond is my wife and a dear friend.

I am so happy to be here.

Enjoying the Day

Starting to fill up.  

Is it time for dessert yet.

Please don't take my picture.  

The happy couple.  Soon to me my next door neighbors.  I
am so excited.  How lucky for us.  

    Third Sunday Dinners are fun,  that fun and enjoyment always overshadow the work and efforts that come to it.  Each night after everyone is gone and I take a moment to reflect, I am always humbled and amazed at what just took place our home.  How is your Third Sunday Dinner's  coming. Please share with me and the other readers your adventures.   You can comment below.
Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy and Creator of the Third Sunday Dinner Movement.


  1. How can I get your rosemary flat bread recipe? I couldn't find it on your web site!

  2. We did lasagna for our Third Sunday Dinner. We had our biggest turnout yet, 47, and one of them was a new convert that got baptized right before she came! I am always amazed that we have enough food. Everyone loves it and looks forward to the next one. Thank you for the inspiration to do this!