Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Third Sunday Dinner Report December 2014

      So this December was a cold month in Arizona and to top it off we had our church Christmas party the night before Third Sunday Dinner.   Everyone wondered what I was doing.  They didn't think we needed another party the next day.  Oh those of small vision.  Third Sunday Dinner is not about having enough, its about having more.  More time to spend fellow shipping and loving our neighbors.  I love Third Sunday Dinner and each month as I prepare the blog and look at the pictures my heart is filled with joy and I know that great things happen when we open up our hearts and homes and love those that come.
      December is a hard month so we go easy for the meal.  This month we did soup.  Left over pasta and sauce from the church party made a great soup.  I added beans and grains and call it Italian Pasta Soup and everyone loved it.  Served with rolls whatever goodies were brought we had a great time.  I also tossed a hug salad a few times. There was plenty of food.  The weather was perfect for hot chocolate and a fire in the back yard.  Enjoy the pictures and join me next year as we continue the tradition of Third Sunday Dinner.

The soup pot was filled to the top.  Soup is always a winner and goes a long way and is very cost effective when feeding the masses.

Hot chocolate fun.

I love my fire barrel.  It is getting old.  I am going to have to find a new one.  It is actually the insides of a washing machine.  It really gives off the heat.  The sound and smell of the fire warms the heart. 

This is why we love Arizona.  Eating outside a week before Christmas.  

New member to our congregation.  

I meet this man and the woman below last year at Third Sunday Dinner.  It has been an amazing year watching them grow and change.  I adore them and am so proud of all they have done in the last year.  Best friends now and always.  

I love this family.  We have great neighbors.

The McCarrey Family is family.  We meet them over 5 years ago when we just started Third Sunday Dinner.
Our boys and their boys are best friends and we could not imagine life without them. 

This family is precious in every way.  

Another Blessing in our lives.  

I love the youth at my church.  They come every month early and stay late.
They make Third Sunday Dinner easy.  

     Often people comment about Third Sunday Dinner and say things like "How do you do it" or "Don't you get tired" or "Why do you do it".  The answer is simple, when I look at the pictures each month remembering all that come into our home my heart if filled with the Savior's love and it lifts me up and sustains me and all those who participate.  I have learned that when we trust in the Lord and do the sometimes impossible,  things just work out and life is better.
Have a great month.  Chef Brad

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  1. Soup ROCKS! And your backyard looks soooo inviting!! LOVE the fire'pit'!!!! And how amazing to see people in December in short sleeves! Wish I could have been there!!!