Friday, October 16, 2015

Third Sunday Dinner Report September 2015

What do you do with tons of potatoes,  bake them and have a potato bar.  That is just what we did for this Third Sunday Dinner.  It was wonderful.  I always look for filling meals that are easy to prepare and fun to eat.  Everyone likes a potato bar, me included.  Nothing like a hot baked potato.  This time I filled up the smoker and smoked them for a while and then finished them off in the oven. They were amazing and so tasty.  I couldn't smoke them all the way because there were about 150 potatoes and they were stacked to high.  But they did get the smoked flavor and it was so cool.

I was hoping for cooler weather, but it just did not happen yet.  Long summers in Az.  We take August off part for the heat and part for the fact that I am gone most of the month teaching.  But we are at it again and off we go.  

Enjoy the Blog,  Enjoy the Adventure and I hope you are creating your very own traditions around food.  Food has the power to do great things in our lives when we recognize it and use the great gift it is.  It has the power to bring people together like no other thing I know of.  It can mend relationships, form new ones, bring joy, and love to all who take part.  Make sure you are taking the time to nurture others by the things you do with food.  

Potatoes are cheap and good.  

Washed and ready to go into the smoker.

In the smoker to add flavor.

Maxed out my Wondermix with some really great cookies. 

White chocolate cookies. 

Robert is a great worker.  

These boys are great.  

A boy with a knife, look out.  

Potatoes, Salads, and all the toppings.  

Everyone is having a great time. 

The line goes on.

The boys have the job of cutting the potatoes for everyone.

The Potatoes are gone.   

Nothing like a back yard full of happy people.

Look at that smile.  makes it worth it. 

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