Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Wondermix Does it All, Do You Want One

The most frequent question I get when I am out teaching is and traveling is "What mixer do you recommend?"  Or "What do you think of the Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd?"  I can hardly say the word and even typing it is hard.   

I am adamant that you really have to have a good mixer in the kitchen to enjoy optimal health and life.  Having a good mixer is as essential as having toilet paper.  You might think you can get along without it, but why?  A good mixer like toilet paper sure makes the job easier.   

I use my mixer almost daily, from the blender to mixing doughs, cookies, cakes, whipped cream, and so many other foods that enrich and bless my life and the life of my family.  The great thing is that having a good mixer actually saves time and money.  

In my opinion,  the Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd is a good machine for maybe a few things, but the Wondermix does it all.  The Kkkkitttcchen AAiiidd dreams about doing all the things the Wondermix will do.  

I love a good mixer and in my humble, but opinionated knowledge, the Wondermix is by far the best mixer on the market today.  It's German technology and long proven record of durability is without questions a good reason to own one.  

And the price is great.  It comes with a blender that has a life time warranty on it.  

I have always enjoyed baking and with my Wondermix I can do small to large in moments.  I can do 5 large loaves of bread from start to finish in just over one hour.  And the bread is perfect every time.  

Having a Wondermix is a wonderful experience. It brings me joy.  Here are a few pictures of some of my Wondermix creations.   I am constantly posting new recipes and videos at that I am sure you will love.  

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