Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hands on Dinner Party.

I love traveling and getting to know people.  One of my greatest adventures in life is doing hands on dinner parties in conjunction with Chef Brad Events.  They are so much fun.  This is how it works.  I plan the menu, print the menu, buy all the supplies, and organize each recipe in an area in the kitchen.

It's a lot of work and planning to make such an event happen, but it's worth every moment of preparation taken.

This process starts way before the quests arrive.  When they get there all is ready.  Stations set up for each recipes.   The fun begins.   Everyone goes to where they want to be in groups of 2 or more for each recipe, depending on what is required to execute the recipe.

This is when the fun begins.  Looks like total confusion, but in the confusion great things are happening.  Laughter and fun is the highlight of the event.  People getting to know others through the process of creating some really great food.  I love it with all my heart.  I love the creation that is going on and I love the feeling of community and togetherness that is happening.   It never has failed yet,  that perfect feeling of belonging and enjoyment that comes when many are gathered in a common cause,  especially the common cause of great food.

Couples Therapy.  They say a couple that cooks together stays together.
And they certainly look happy.   

Men love working with meat.  They are preparing lamb sliders. 

Taking a quick break.  

Lamb chops are amazing.  Marinated in olive oil and vinegar with spices.  Grilled just right. 

Now there is a spread to be enjoyed. 

Close up look at the Lamb. 

Wonderful cheese spread with fresh onions, mint, and  Zatar.  

Two of my favorite best friends now.  Amazing how spending three days in someones
home can change your life.  

Preparing the side dish.  

Passing around the pizza appetizer for everyone to sample 

Fresh fruit with nuts and a wonderful yogurt sauce.  

Making sure they are doing it right.  

Crab cakes and Chef Brad style street corn. 

The most important part of cooking is testing.  

Now that's a happy face.  I never know who I will be seeing at a  Chef Brad Event.  My dear cousin Janice showed up
at one and it was great.  We got to know each other a whole lot more.  She is amazing.
So,  "Life is all about Food".   Creating those wonderful memories are so important.  Food sets the stage for that to happen.  I am all about opening up your homes and your hearts and letting people in. It makes the journey so much better.

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. Planning to arrange a dinner party with my family at one of event space Chicago as we had no gathering since a long time. Will have their favorite dishes for the day. Want to spend some time with them and will arrange everything in nice way to make day enjoyable for all.