Saturday, September 24, 2016

Third Sunday Dinner Sept 2016

Everyone loves beans and tortillas.  

Summer time I take off doing dinners.  We just do Ice Cream and Cookies later in the evenings.  It's just to hot for a huge meal and the group is so big it's hard to do it in the house.  September is great.  Still warm out but doable.  I have really learned a lot over the past many years doing dinners.  It's been amazing.  I was thinking the other day the most important thing I have learned over the years is that when one is on the Lord's Errand it always works out.    Time and time again I have been reminded of that and each time I am humbled at the miracle of how it works.   I have mentioned before that Third Sunday Dinners are not always easy.  They are hard often especially when my schedule is so packed.  

But as I have moved forward I have felt the power and blessings in doing what sometimes seems impossible.  I have come to understand in a deeper meaning that the Lord's Errands entitles us to his grace and blessings.   

So with that I look forward to another fall and winter season of Third Sunday Dinners.  I look forward to the blessing and the wonderful connection of those who come to my home to enjoy the food, company, and just the blessing of connection.    Food has that power and I am ever amazed at just how powerful it works and really has the ability to open hearts, bring people tougher, heal wounds, and just plain bless our lives.  

Thank you for reading and enjoy this blog.   Greatest joy to you in all your culinary adventures.  
Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy 

My camp stove really gets used.  Not so much for camping, but for Third Sunday Dinner.

Justin Turley  Wow I enjoy this boy and his service to everyone. 

Micah and Dean.  The young men at our Church really are amazing.
They show up every month to bless us all.

I did thick flour tortillas fried with beans on top.  Easy cheating
Navajo tacos.  

Fresh Salsa is always a hit.

Connection, that's what is all about. 

So relaxing.

I think he likes the food. 

Good friends. 

New friends for me.  My good friend invited his family  I was thrilled. 

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Gotta love the missionaries.  Bobbie and Lauren are great friends
nurtured each month at dinner.

I tried to get a close up of that face.  He was enjoying the beans. 

So good to see everyone.  Wow I love these kids. And now their  Kids. 

Really!!   Please let me smile first.    Sorry Julie.  

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