Monday, December 5, 2016

My New "Soap Box"

This man and his family have been long time friends formed from our mutual love of food.  His wife Dori Duncan is the unofficial president of the Chef Brad Fan Club.  Started 16 years ago.  

My nephew,  what memories I have of teaching him to cook.  He is a treasure and our
relationship has been blessed from our mutual love of food and time spent together preparing
great food.  

I get to meet the best people in the world.

I Love food.  I love teaching about good food. 

Great things happen when people gather to prepare food together,  even perfect
strangers become great friends. 

Everyone likes to cook and be part of the creating process.  

I eat grains and love sharing what I learn and know.  I love how they make me feel.  And I love what I do.

Life is all about food, friends, and family.  

Each year I seem to adopt a theme for the year.  This past year I spoke out openly about processed foods and the need to take them out of our diet.  I still stand firm on that.  Processed foods are slowly  destroying our health  and in the process killing America.  They cost us untold millions in medical cost and we spend billions on foods that we think are saving us time and money, but in truth, do neither.  We spend more time being sick and caring for those who suffer from the results of poor food choices then the time we could spend cooking foods from scratch using natural ingredients.  And as far as the cost goes we do not save money eating cheap processed foods.  In the long run we end up spending far more to eat poorly.

I still stand firm on that issue.  Processed foods are garbage.  They destroy health.  They are packed with sugar, fat, and salt.  The sugar, fat, and salt used are of the poorest quality and devoid of anything that our bodies need to be strong and healthy.  Americas are fatter and sicker then ever before in our history.  And guess what,  the solution can only come from within our own homes.  The food industry is not going to change until we stand up and demand better.

Processed food will still be my underlying platform this year, but the big issue this year is learning to take time to enjoy the good foods we should eat and learning to take joy in preparing those foods we eat.

We are far to busy in our lives if we just rush through the process of eating and preparing foods without taking time out to enjoy what is really happening or could happen if we took more thought and time about foods we allow into our lives and more time enjoying them with others.

Food is a powerful tool that if used in the proper way not only adds health and vitality to our bodies, but also can enrich our hearts and strengthen our relationships.   When we rush the process and go the easiest route possible we miss out on so much.

Time spent and grains eaten are going to be my platform this coming year.  The more I eat grains, the more I realize how good they are for our bodies and how great they taste.  They add fun and excitement to our lives like no others foods can except for maybe dark chocolate and really good ice cream.  When we eat great foods and take the time to enjoy them life changes for the better in all ways.

I love sharing food with others and some of my greatest  joys happen when I am sharing with others my passion for food.  I love hearing stories of how food changes lives.  I have the great blessing of traveling and meeting people all over the country.  As we break bread together and share the foods we prepare together life time friendships have been formed.  Food like no other force has that ability.

Join me this year as I share my world of grains and food with you.

I am America's Grain Guy and I am going to "Change the world, one grain at a time."

Enjoy the Journey~Chef Brad

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