Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July Third Sunday Dinner Report

     Third Sunday Dinner in July was great.  It is the last one until September.  I take August off for travel reasons.  This summer has been a busy one and it seems I have been on the go a lot.  It has been a fun summer, but busy.  The heat makes it hard to plan the food.  It needs to be somewhat cool or we need to eat indoors.  This month as you can see the house was packed.  I love it.  

     I have a neighbor that brings things over for me to use on my Third Sunday Dinner.  This month he brought over a whole bunch of biscuits, you know the kind, pop and bake.  I normally don't use them, but I had them and it seemed a perfect thing to use.  I did however make a whole grain milk gravy to go with them.   It was actually bacon whole grain milk gravy.  Sometimes you just have to do it.   I also was looking in my work freezer and found serveral big bags of pot stickers.  What a combo.  Biscuits and gravy and pot stickers.  I was a little nervous about serving them, but it was a huge success.  Everyone loved the combo.  I guess you cannot go wrong when you fix two of the most popular comfort foods around.  

     I baked up some brownies, served some salads and we were ready to go.  A few neighbors brought some salads and desserts.  It amazes me how it always works out and everyone has a great time.  It just takes desire and faith and the magic happens.  Here is a picture view of July's Third Sunday Dinner.   Enjoy the adventure.   Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

Don't you just love the Mormon Missionaries.  They are always welcome at my house.

The Missionaries again and good friends.  I love Third Sunday

The Single Women really look forward to getting out and we love them so much. 

Rainy always brings wonderful things.  She is a wonderful neighbor that we have gotten really close with.  Third Sunday Dinner is not the same when she does not come.

Good Friends quickly become family.  This is one of my sons house companions from his mission.  We instantly loved him and welcomed him into our home.  He loved dinner.
The Trick with pot stickers is to first steam them and then pan fry them to crispy.

Pot Stickers in the Thermador Steam Oven

Pot Stickers ready to steam.

      Sometimes the simple things work the best.  Often we don't entertain because we expect to much and worry to much about what our guest expect.  Simple always wins, no matter the occasion.
Biscuits, ready to bake.

Oven Baked Smores.  

Look how great the pot stickers and biscuits look on the buffet table.  

    Happy faces.  Food does that. Food, friends, and a place to eat is all we really need to make life more enjoyable.

     Until next Third Sunday Dinner, enjoy your culinary adventures.  Everyday is an adventure in food.  Especially when you include others.

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