Friday, August 23, 2013

Pressure Cooker Beef Tacos

     I love Mexican food and I think that I might be part latin, at least on the inside.  I do hate going out to the chain restuarants,  I am usually dissapointed, finding the food lacking in flavor and passion.  What American's call Mexican food is laughable.  Especially the fast food taco shops.  I don't need to name them, we all know who they are.  The food sometimes is ok, but it really cannot be called Mexican food.

     My other love is Pressure Cooking.  I adore pressure cookers and cannot imagine life without a pressure cooker.   From my carnitas to Mexican rice, I use a pressure cooker.  The main reason, is not the speed, it is the fact that the flavors taste so much better when cooked in a pressure cooker.  The speed is great also, but the flavor is amazing.  

     Meats cooked in the pressure cooker are perfect for Mexican foods. Especially for taco or burrito meat.  They shred to perfection after cooking in the pressure cooker and the pressure cooker does not leave them lacking in flavor.   Maybe some of the so called Mexican cafes should use pressure cookers!

     I hope you enjoy this picture recipe of how to cook the perfect machaca beef tacos.    

       While the meat is cooking in the pressure cooker,  I slice onions and sweet red peppers.  I take the seeds out of the sweet red peppers before I slice them.  Set aside and prepare to saute in olive oil.


      When the meat is done, place the peppers and onions in a large saute pan with olive oil and saute.

        This is the meat,   it was pressured on high pressure for 45 minutes.  I just used a splash of balsamic vinegar.   After is is cooker I shred it with a fork or you can place it in the Bosch mixer in small portions and it will shred it perfectly.

      Once the onions and peppers are tender and lightly browned add the meat and season.   Let cook until the meat is starting to be crispy.

       I use Arizona Dreaming from Penzeys Spices.  It is lovely.
It has the perfect Mexican spice.   Season to taste.

This is the meat, seasoned and cooked perfectly.  So simple, yet wonderful.  


      The next step is to warm the tortillas.  I use the lodge cast iron pizza pan for my tortilla griddle.   I cook them with a small drop of butter to crisp them up.

      I turn them over and top with cheese, so the cheese melts perfectly.  It does make a difference.
After the cheese is melted I top with the meat and a drop of sour cream or creme fresh.  Perfect.
Now here is a great machaca beef taco.  Easy and fast and oh so wonderful.  
The Recipe
Machaca Beef Tacos

3 onions, sliced thin
4 sweet red peppers, seeded and sliced thin
3 lb. chuck roast or your choice 
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon Arizona Dreaming Spice
3 tablespoons olive oil
Sour Cream

In pressure cooker place meat and splash with balsamic vinegar.  Place lid on pressure cooker and pressure on high pressure for 45 minutes.  Remove from pressure cooker and shred.  

In saute pan,  add olive oil and saute onions and peppers.  Saute until tender and crispy around the edges.   Add meat and seasoning and saute until meat is crispy.  Warm tortillas on griddle and melt cheese in tortilla.  Place meat in center and top with sour cream and enjoy.  

Pressure cooking is great.  You should be using it on a regular basis.  Foods really do taste better when cooked in a pressure cooker.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. Your recipe does not list any liquid except for the splash of balsamic vinegar. All my pressure cooker cook books call for at least one cup of liquid. Did I miss something?