Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Third Sunday Dinner Report

     October Third Sunday Dinner was amazing.  The weather has cooled off making it perfect for outside dining and so I decided it was time to do Indian Fry Bread again.  Great choice for outside eating.  I love Indian Fry Bread, it is a comfort food and on top of that it is easy to make and very cost effective.   You really have to consider that when you have no clue how many are coming to dinner.  We get anywhere from 49 to over 100 persons attending and with Indian Fry Bread you can make a lot and if the group is small, flour and water is really cheap.  

      Of course with Indian Fry Bread you have to have beans.  Bean are another really cheap food that is so tasty and good for you.  For this Sunday I fixed small white and small red beans mixed together cooked to perfection in my large electric roasting pan.  How can you go wrong with beans and bread.  

     Third Sunday Dinner has been a great journey of faith and love.  It does take faith to feed a group when you never know how many are coming.  I just prepare what I think and turn it over to the Lord.  I have discovered when you are on his errand, things just work out.   Over past years I  have learned so many lessons on love.  The one thing I have learned is you really grow to love those you serve.  Even something as simple as feeding someone draws them nearer to my heart.  I have learned that the human heart has an unlimited capacity to love, there are no limits or restrictions on how many people we can love or how deeply we can love someone.  That is what I really enjoy about Third Sunday Dinner, the lessons I have learned about loving.  Even complete strangers can be loved and uplifted when we take a moment to realize that each and every person is a son or daughter of God and each has a need to be loved and edified by another person.  Food for me sets the stage to express love and edify others.  

     Enjoy the visual of Octobers Third Sunday Dinner.  I need to take time to take more pictures.  I just get so busy enjoying everyone that I forget.  This month we had about 80 persons from start to finish and I totally enjoyed each and everyone that come into my home.  As I feed them physically, I had a spiritual feast.  Third Sunday Dinner always without fail lifts me up and blesses my life in ways that words just cannot explain.  I hope you have started your Third Sunday Dinner Tradition.  I hope you are experiencing the joy that comes from feeding and serving others.   Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

Fresh Baked Left Over Cinnamon Rolls, cut and drizzled with Xagave.  

Patting out the dough.  

Look at the Smile on this young man.  I love him and really enjoyed his help and amazing personality.
Every Third Sunday Dinner youth show up early to help.  So much fun.  

Justin, taking a break.

Everyone gets involved.  My new best friend.  I love this man.  

Finally a Native American shows up to really teach us how to flatten the bread.
She was amazing.  

Some people just automaticly smile when they see a camera.  

Look at the big pot of beans.  

So much food.  Sometimes it appears like magic.  That really is the wonder of Third Sunday Dinner.
There is always enough to eat.  Really, it just shows up.  

Happy eaters.  

Our dessert center is on top of the washer and dryer.  

The line just goes on and on around the table and though the kitchen.  Everyone visits and
gets to know each other.  I don't stress, standing in line is a perfect time to get to know someone else.

    See you next month.  Thanksgiving Third Sunday Dinner,  my favorite one of the year.  So fun, so much food, and  so many memories to make.  See you soon.  Chef Brad

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