Friday, October 4, 2013

Three Day Chef Brad Event, RIverside CA.

Kamut Baby Kiwi Salad

    I love these three day teaching events.   I will explain what one is first and then you can take a visual tour.  A three day event is an event in someones home.  The hostess opens up her home for three days of cooking.  We do three classes each day and usually we start the night before with a Stake Enrichment or Women's group class.  This class is free and gives everyone the opportunity to meet me.  After that the real fun begins.  Three classes each day from bread baking to pressure cooking, from basic grains class to salads and breakfast foods and a lot more.  The last class is usually a hands on experience dinner class.  That is where everyone comes, most are couples,  and we all prepared an amazing feast.  I personally love this class the most.  It is amazing to see everyone cooking and enjoying each other.

     There is a charge per person for each class and we also open it up for a volunteer in each class to assist me and the hostess in preparation and cleanup.  It is a wonderful time and so worth the effort and money spent.  Actually the classes are really cheap, they are around $40 per person.  If you attend more then one you get a discount.   I love doing these events and when I spend three days in someones home we become life long friends.  Food has a way of doing that to relationships.  It adds dimension and strength to the friendship like nothing else can.  I do believe and the more I do these the more I believe that a "Chef Brad Event" will change your life forever.  They have changed mine and countless others who have attended.  To book one you can send me an e-mail to  We will send you all the information needed to set up a Chef Brad Event in your city.  

A happy face.

Sweet, Wonderful CinnamonRolls

A happy face is worth a thousand words.

     In one of the classes we did cinnamon rolls and sandwich breads.  Everyone loved them,  especially when I tell them that a healthy cinnamon roll will never happen in my class.  I do a lot of healthy things in my classes, but cinnamon rolls are not one of them.  A real cinnamon roll should be sticky and dripping with butter and frosting and the dough should be light and heavenly.  

Papaya Fruit Salad

Another Happy Face

This is so good.

I need a bigger plate.  

We all find great friends at a Chef Brad Event.

One of the many classes taught. 

Chef Brad, this is the best cinnamon roll I have ever eaten.  

Happy, Happy, day.   From the young to the old. The woman in the back is the oldest
person ever to attend one of my events.  96 years old.  

Great messes only mean great taste.  

This is the Happy Hostess.  Odalisa Nelson.

Home made flour tortillas. 

Black Quinoa Crab Cakes

Oven Roasted Mexican Street Corn

This woman really could pass as the Bette Midler look alike.
Maybe she is Bette Midler.  

Farro Risotto and Pan Fried Crab Cakes

Friends enjoying the evening.

This is the group, enjoying the meal they prepared.

The Nelsons,  it was great the way they opened their home.

Everyone is happy with great food and good company.

The "Bette Midler" look alike won the Compact Bosch

Clean up is always worth it when you realize what just happened.
         Food is so powerful and nothing can bring people together and create fun and long lasting bonds like food.  We often under estimate the power of food and what it can accomplish if we do it right.  The right way is opening up our hearts and homes and feed those we love and those we don't love yet.  We always end up loving those we feed and the ones we already love, the love deepens.  Any time food in involved it turns a gathering into something deeper and more meaningful.  I guess that is why I love Chef Brad Events, it all about food and people and I always leave having established life long friendships.   I really hope to see you at a future Chef Brad Event.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

For the Recipes,  You have to attend the Event.  When you do you get all the recipes for all the food created by Chef Brad

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