Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June~ Third Sunday Report

     Life is all about people and everyone has a story.  That is what I love about Third Sunday Dinner.  I get the opportunity to learn about stories and get to know people on a deeper level.  This month Third Sunday Dinner fell on Father's Day.  My day, so I chose to have Third Sunday Dinner, but with a twist.  Later in the evening and not dinner,  we had a what I call a Summer Sunday Social.  Ice cream and cookies.  It was great fun.  Can't go wrong with Thrifty ice cream and cookies.  I love how comfortable it was and for our Third Sunday Dinner it was smaller.  Understandable, Father's Day, and I am not complaining.  It was great.  I decided on a later time because it is so hot at 5:00 Sunday after noon in the middle of June.  By 7:00 it was perfect outside.  So back to the story.  I didn't get any pictures of food,  ice cream is pretty common, but I did take pictures of people.  So this month it is about people and isn't that why we do these events anyway.  To get to know our friends and neighbors better.  


  This is Jeff Barney and Kent Flake.  Two of my most favorite people in the world.  They are amazing men that have overcome great challenges.  Jeff has lost about 50 lbs this year and is an inspiration to me to get in shape.  We need friends to remind us and help us be our best.

  Jeff Barney's daughters.  We have a common bond.  We love to hunt fairies.  I have a fairy garden and they are full of practical ways to capture them. I am going to try some and I have promised them if I catch one I will call them first.

   The Mormon missionaries are a great part of our neighborhood.  We love them and they are always welcome to come to dinner.  The man with the white shirt is engaged to the woman in the blue.  The boy with the hat, Will, and the young girl in pink, Faith are good friends and often come early to help out.
 Elder Fore,  just got his transfer to Brazil.  We will miss him.  

Colleen and Ttina.  What great women these two are.  Always happy and smiling. 

Rainy,  She is an amazing woman who is always ahead of the game.  She is amazing and makes the best toffee in the world.  Check out her web site at    The man next to her is Jacob.  Boy does he have an amazing story.  He is like my son and it all started when I invited him to Third Sunday Dinner over 5 years ago.  Since he has married and if they are not present I feel the loss.

 We get people from all over that come to visit.  This woman is from Utah visiting her son below in the light blue shirt.  It is always fun to meet and make connections.

Justin and his friend.  Justin and I have recently become friends and he is wonderful in every way.  I am amazed at how much room we have to just keep adding to our hearts.  

I think she came to see if there were any cute boys.  I did my best to introduce her around. 

Good friends.  Will the short one is amazing.  He knows everyone in our neighborhood and constantly brings new people to dinner.

Boys scooping Ice Cream.  

Shelby is my daughters friend and Sean is my sons friend and both are my friends.

Sisters consoling sisters.  It's great to have a place where we can build and lift others and just relax and be friends.  

The Baker family plus one.  Justin Turley is my constant support.  He is 13 and so amazing. 

Third Sunday Dinners don't always have to be about food.  I love just getting together for and reason. I look for reasons and I try to be consistent in making them happen.  To me that is so important.  It gives a constant reason and resource to gather and build bonds that make life more enjoyable
Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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