Saturday, June 7, 2014

Third Sunday Dinner Report~May 2014

      Over a year ago we did Deep Fried French Toast, and it was such a hit I decided to do it again.  It's a pretty easy meal and Everyone LOVES it.  Nothing healthy about this meal, but sometimes we need to have the foods that we love and not always be perfectly healthy.  This recipe was my Grandpa's and he served it in his cafe's back in the 40's and 50's.  He was a restauranteur and owned several concepts in Gallop New Mexico.  I guess it is in my blood.  I never saw his cafe's, he was an old man when I was a boy and way past his cafe cooking years.  In fact the only thing I remember him ever cooking was scrambled eggs and cow brains.  Probably because my mom would not cook it for him.  As I remember it, I liked it, although I would likely not eat it now.

     Growing up I loved it when my mother made this for breakfast.  It is a comfort food to me.  These are the types of foods that bring back precious memories.  My mother used her white bread and fried it in Crisco.  We covered it with margarine, we could not afford butter, and homemade maple syrup.
My mouth still waters when I think of it and although I hardly ever make it for obvious reasons, when I do, I love it and eat it with no regrets.  

     It has become a Third Sunday Dinner Favorite and I love the joy on everyones  faces as they eat this wonderful creation.  My Grandpa probably never even thought about how this dish would be served for hundreds in his Grandchild's home.  That is how life is,  we do things and hardly ever think about how it will effect others years to come.  I personally like to think about that,  how my actions today will effect others in years to come.  It makes a huge difference when we look at the big picture instead of thinking about the moment and the cleanup and the hassle, etc.  When we look at the big picture I have discovered that we can find greater  joy in the moment.  That is how Third Sunday Dinner's are for me.  Alway's looking at the big picture,  I guess that is why I keep doing it and will keep on,  the BIG picture tells me that lives are blessed and great things are happening that I will never know or understand, but countless others will.  

The Frying of the French Toast,  I have to say I do use Crisco, but only on rare occasions.

     Deep Fried Goodness,  It taste as good as it looks.   Fried to golden perfection.  I have to say that on of the secrets to frying is to make the oil, or Crisco really hot.  To cold and it absorbs the fat,  to hot and it burns and does not cook.  The perfect temperature seals the outside, while cooking the inside perfect and leaving it the prefect golden brown.

The Fryers.  This is a chore,  frying 300 pieces is a labor of love, but the fryers 
after they are done are good friends.  

  The Dipper, That's a lot of bread to dip.

Another Happy Family enjoying the great food. 

    I love this boy,  Brandon, my son's best friend and I feel like my son.  I am glad parents don't mind sharing their children with me.  He totally loves the French Toast.  And I totally love feeding him.   (My son is on a mission,  Brandon left before him and is anxiously waiting for him to come home.)

   I love everyone that comes to dinner.  Rainy is the best,   Yellow is the perfect color for her.  Always sunny and bright.

More happy faces.

This young couple are a joy to me.  Family in every way, but blood.  

Lillian loves to have her picture taken.

I love the Mormon Missionaries.  Elder Niko is new here from the Islands.  He is precious and loves 
being a missionary.  He comes from a large family on a small Island.  Welcome to the City Elder.

Elder Fore has been a missionary in our area for along time.  He has been waiting for a Visa to go to Brazil.  While he has been waiting he has been a great influence in our neighborhood.  
By the way,  these boys love Third Sunday Dinner.

Helpers.  Yes they are smiling,  they love to help.

Enjoying the Shade of the apple tree.

Rainy gets around. She is like the best hostess ever.  She personally gets to know everyone. 

Shade is welcome in Arizona. 

The Recipe

For a family size batch.

In your blender place:
4 eggs
1/3 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons nutmeg
dash salt

Blend well and dip white bread in and drop in hot oil.  

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can't beat good food and good people.