Monday, March 2, 2015


     One of the best investments I have ever made was a Traiger Smoker.  I love it so much and enjoy using in more then any BBQ grill or out door cooker I have ever owned.  In fact my BBQ grill just sets there alone and unused.  

     I have owned other smokers over the years, but I hated the constant vigil of keeping the temperature perfect.  There are those that love that and I really admire the vigilant smoker that is dedicated to the entire process, but for me I love the ease of putting the pellets in the bin and choosing the temperature and leaving.  And the best part is everything turns out perfect.  

     It does take time to smoke meat well not matter what the equipment, but if you have the time and love smoked meats you might want to try a Traiger Smoker.  And just for the record they do not pay me to say that.  I bought mine at Costco and if you do buy one make sure it has the built in thermostat.  It is great not having to guess.  

     This weekend I smoked Pork Chops.  They were wonderful.  I used a oil and vinegar marinate and I used Penzey's Northwoods  for seasoning.   I smoked them for 1 hour on the smoke setting.  After one hour I raised the temperature to 300 and finished them off in about 20 minutes.  So tender and smoked just right.  

Fresh on the grill.  Ready to smoke.  

Smoked to perfection.  Really perfect.  Tender and juicy.  Good hot or cold.  

Just in case you were wondering what a Traiger looks like here is the photo of the one that I have.  It is perfect and not only for smoking, but it is the best grill ever.  Best burgers I have ever made.  

    Smoking meats is a perfect way to cook meats.  I love food and I really love good food.  Smoked meats combined with good foods is an amazing food adventure.  

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy, or Smoker Guy,  take your choice.  

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