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Third Sunday Dinner Report~March 2015

     I get great calls from friends all over  that tell want to tell me their stories and adventures in doing Third Sunday Dinner type events.   One of the most recent calls  was from a good friend in Utah that has started "Third Friday Pizza Night".  I loved hearing that.  She took the idea and made it work for her.  She stated that she just could not get the Sunday thing down, but wanted to do something.  I love hearing the success of her adventure and was able to impart some ways for her to make it more effective.  She is having great success and now people text her to see if it is still on.    For pizza night she invites them to bring a topping of their choice or paper goods.  People want to help she found out but don't know what to do so she actually put up a jar for donations.  What a great idea to off set the cost.   No one is made to feel obligated to help, but most are delighted to be able to do something.  Her event includes friends of her children,  from young girls at home to college age and young marrieds.

      I love hearing about your adventures and success and even failures.  Feel free to send my your stories with photos so I can share with others what others are doing.  You can e-mail me at

     March is a great month in Arizona for an outside event.  Most months are.  This month is especially wonderful with the orange blossoms in bloom.  It smells heavenly and just adds to the charm of being outside.

      I decided to do a baked potato bar with salad.  Who doesn't like a good baked potato.  It worked great.  I baked about 80 lbs. of potatoes that I was able to by for $12.  Great for a budget.   Cheese tends to be pricy right now so i opted for a canned cheese sauce that I have my good friend Nathan Botts fix up.  He chopped up fresh cilantro, herbs, and chilies from the garden to make an absolutely wonderful cheese sauce.  At $7  or less a can you cannot beat it.   Sour cream, butter, and pickled peppers make for a great baked potato.

     I am always looking for ways to make it simple and cost effective.  This month I was given a bag of gluten free corn bread mix.  Twenty five pounds goes along way.  I baked up three large pans of corn bread and tossed the salad and dinner was ready.  It just seems to get easier all the time.  I love Third Sunday Dinner and all it does for me.  I always feel lifted and blessed each month.  I love seeming friends that come and making new friends.   We never know who will be there, but my prayer each month is that those who need to be there will and that we will be able to give them just what they need.  That could be anything from a smile to hug, kind words of encouragement, or just a great meal.  What ever the need, if we listen we will know just what to do.

     Please take time to share if you are having adventures in your life.  Also if you have questions, please ask and I will post them and the response in the blog.  '

A few baked potatoes.  I baked 8 pans of potatoes.  The secret for a great potato is dip it in bacon fat and wrap it in foil.  Bake for one hour and wow,  what a potato.  

Fresh baked corn bread.  Always a treat.  

The Spread.    Well the end of the spread.  

We love the Mormon Missionaries.

And the youth in our area.

Its good to see everyone having a great time. 

The children love my garden.  Always something new to see.

Oh my.  I love these children.

And these big children. 

Smile,  I need a picture for the blog. 

I had to get a picture of this rose bush.  No one for years has ever seen it.
It was grown up into my tree.  I pulled it down a month ago so we
could enjoy the bloom.  It's lovely.

Very well behaved pets are allowed.

The end of another great Third Sunday Dinner Experience

     It amazes me how quickly each month passes.  Please share with me your experiences.   Each time I hear about someone else starting a Third Sunday Dinner or something like it,  I am thrilled.  I just know what is in store for them.  Wonderful cherished memories.   Until next month.  Chef Brad

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