Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Chocolate WonderFlour Wheat Free Cupcakes
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with WonderFlour and Xagave

     Chocolate cupcakes are so amazing.  I have been working on cupcake recipes this year and have found out some interesting facts.  Cupcakes don't need white flour to be drop dead good and they don't need refined sugar.   When I first making whole grain cupcakes I found the flavor was great, but they tended to be dry.  So I started working on different things and found the magic result was that amazing product called Xagave.  All natural sugar substitute, great for diabetics,  and it added the moist texture to my cupcakes.  So I ended up with a moist, sugar free, healthy (almost) cupcake.  I have had the greatest success with spelt flour and my own WonderFlour.  Now I would not bake a cake or cupcake with white sugar or white flour.  Three Cheers for WonderFlour and Xagave.
This cupcake is worth $3   And it is healthy on top of that.  Ok not completely, but close.

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