Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whole grains do work with pie dough.

Baking PIes is a wonderful part of the holiday season.
             Pie making is an art that  I love.  I have been on a journey this year to bake the perfect whole grain pie dough and have learned so much.  Whole grains are great when making pie dough.  Not all of them work and I have found that by sifting the flour in the new Bosch flour sifter I get better results. (The sifter can be found at www.chefbrad.com) The sifter produces white flour like textures that make the doughs tender and flakey.  I am working on a new e-book on sifted flours which will include great whole grain doughs.

Pies and soups made with fresh produce is great.  I don't know what the yellow one is, but oh my what great flavor.

     I found the big yellow pumpkin by accident.  I love the texture and personality it had.  It decorated my counter for months and I finally used it for Third Sunday Dinner Soup.  It was so amazing.  The meat was so dense and full of flavor.  Yellow is my new standard in pumpkins.
Who say's you cannot bake a whole grain pie dough, and yes it was  excellent.
          The best part of the holiday season is baking pies.  I always wonder why it ends there.  I think for me it is I just get caught up in so many different foods I forget.  So glad to be reminded again about pies and this year was my best season yet.

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