Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outdoor Pizza Party with "Chef Dad"

Best investment ever.  The Pizza oven brings people together to enjoy
great pizza and more important strengthen relationships

I do look a little tired.  I just fixed pizza's for a very hungry group of boys.
What fun.  Notice how happy and relaxed they are.

My missionary son and one of his many "brothers".
This was one of those wonderful evenings that will not be forgotten soon.  I cooked, with help, and the young men feasted on pizza for a couple of hours.  It was amazing.  It always is when food is involved in strengthening relationships.  My son was just preparing to leave on his mission so he invited all of his "brothers" over for "Chef Dad's" famous out door pizza oven party.  His friend with loving fondness call me Chef Dad, a name I wear with pride.  That name came from the countless late night spur of the moment feedings in my kitchen.  I have an open door, open frig, policy.  No matter when or what time the youth show up if they are hungry I will feed them.  Over the years it has been a wonderful experience.  I think, don't tell them, but when you keep them well feed they tend to stay out of trouble.  Or was it the constant lectures while they ate?  One will never know.  Perhaps it was the combination of the both that makes the difference.  What ever it is I love feeding my children's friends at what ever hour.  It is an amazing experience.

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  1. Having your son's friends feel welcome in your home is so important, and letting them feel invited to eat (and hear your great words of advice) while they eat is a great way to give them nourishment to body and spirit. I'm sure they love your food too! Not many boys are that lucky!
    Good luck to your son on his mission!