Friday, February 15, 2013

It's time again for Third Sunday Dinner

The menu changes every month
      I cannot believe that it is already Third Sunday Dinner again. Time sure flies. The weather looks like it will be great and I love that. We can set up tables and chairs in the back yard and let the fun begin.

      Each month I start thinking about what we are going to serve about as soon as one ends. I decided in January that for February I would like to do my Grandpa's French Toast. He owned cafes for years in Gallop NM, and one of the things he served was deep fried French toast. It is amazing. I don't fry foods often, but sometimes we need a good warm memory day. When we are frying this, I will be thinking of my mother and my grandpa.

      The very first time I left home and had French toast I was sorely disappointed. It came pale and soggy, without flavor. I thought it was a mistake. After all, French Toast was supposed to be deep fried.  Today I cook mine like most Americans, on a cast iron griddle. But once in awhile I get the hankering for deep fried, and oh my it is great.

      I was thinking that fresh fruit will be great, and of course I will be making butter milk syrup to top the French toast. Lemons are in season so I will create some wonderful lemonade beverage. This is a simple one. Buy the bread, day old will be perfect. And is all I have to do on Sunday is slice the bread,  heat the oil, make the batter, I use a high tech blender for this, and make the drink. Easy, but the end result will be amazing.
The Ingle Family,  David comes early to help cook. Wow,  he is amazing in the kitchen.
      David will be coming early to help get the frying done. I have two boys, Justin and Justin, that come early to help cook and set up tables and chairs. So I am all set. No stress involved. Tuesday I will post the recipes and give you an update on what went down.
The line forms....Where?
      The little couple at the end, the Petersens, have moved away. I will miss his complaining about the food being to spicy. He is a darling man, but out spoken..  I informed him one Sunday that I could not design the entire menu around his diet and he should just behave and find what he could eat. His dear wife agreed with me. After all this is not a short order cafe. I will miss them. They are older and are moving to be closer to her family in Maricopa. Sometimes though, I have to set the rules. And the rules are really simple. Enjoy what we have, no complaining, and get to know others there. Quit simple.

     So I will be preparing for another Third Sunday Dinner experience. I look forward all month to Third Sunday Dinner, and the miracles that happen when we invite others into our home to enjoy food, fellowship, family, and friends.

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