Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter, Traditions old and new.

Fresh Fruit is always welcome.  

      Easter, when I was growing up was all about the picnic and the basket filled with candy. I clearly remember the year that Easter Bunny quit coming and the picnics stopped.

     That morning my brothers and sister walked around the house the entire day wondering when the joke was going to be over. It was so depressing and sad. I think that year was a tough one, no baskets filled with candy and we didn't even do the picnic. We were devastated. Looking back now I realize it was one of those times when my parents were struggling in their marriage. Mom was on the phone all day and I have no idea where dad was. She was evidently thinking about other things.

       There has to be a better way to let go of traditions.  There was not even a word or explanation from my mother that day. It left a rough spot in my heart for years.

Nothing like fruit to make the meal great.

      We always, when we did the picnics, ate potato salad and fried chicken. We would always go for long drives to get to the picnic place. Even though it ended years ago I still have fond memories and can remember those days clearly.

     Things have changed. When my children were growing up we did the Easter Egg hunt with my wife's parents. What a joy that was. They would come over and hide the eggs over and over again. The children loved it. When they died that tradition ended. It just was not the same with out them,  and now the children are grown up, and out of the Easter Egg and Basket stage. Now for the moment it's all about family getting together to enjoy each other over great food.

      I am sure with grandchildren coming now we will be starting new traditions that will be fun and create fond memories for the grandchildren.

     Our breakfast tradition for Easter is Eggs Benedict. We love it and it has been a long tradition for my family. Easter is all about eggs, and Eggs Benedict is all about eggs. The Sauce and the poached eggs make it a very eggy dish.

     One of the reasons I enjoy the holiday's is that it gives us a chance to get together and strengthen family bonds. It is also a time when we take extra time to prepare those extra special foods, like Eggs Benedict. I love excuses to cook and get together. It's a wonderful time.

Fruit covered with a Hazelnut Cream Sauce
The Perfect Dessert for Easter Day

Hazelnut Cream Sauce Covered Fruit

1 pint sour cream or Greek Yogurt
1 cup brown sugar
Hazelnut non dairy creamer
Fresh Berries

Place fruit on a large platter or in a large bowl.   In small bowl place sour cream or yogurt.  Add brown sugar and whisk.  Start adding non dairy creamer until you have a heavy cream texture that can be poured.   Pour over fruit and enjoy.  

I do a lot of business meetings and special events. This recipe is alway without fail the hit of the party.  So simple, but oh so amazing. I love it.  Happy Easter.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy


  1. Just found this! I am so excited to try it, my daughter is dairy free so I thought I would try a coconut milk yogurt? Hmmmmm, thanks for the lovely recipe!

  2. I want to make this soooo bad!!!! Best desert EVER!
    This Easter me and my dad made potato salad with homemade cashew mayonnaise! It was delicious and inspired by you Chef Brad!!!