Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's A Garden Party

Garden Expert Justin Rohner teaches all about edible gardening.

      I love any excuse to have a party, and a garden party is the best kinda party to have ever. In Arizona, the weather is great most of the year for garden parties. One of the reasons I decided to start having garden parties was to promote gardening, share gardening ideas, and just another reason to get people together that share the same love of growing and eating.

     I have had several in the past and more are coming this year.  Last fall I met, much to my delight, a wonderful young man named Justin Rohner. He is an edible gardening expert, among other things. We share the same passion of gardening, food, and people. We have had several parties together, and it has worked out so well we are planning more in the future. So far we have done them at his home and mine, but in the future we are thinking about branching out.

      One of the best things about a garden party is learning, and getting ideas from others that come. My garden just keeps getting better and better each time I attend a garden party.
And the fun thing is that gardens are an ever changing thing. That is one of the reasons Justin and I have decided to do our garden parties at least twice a year, so that those attending can see the progress.  Justin is a professional, while I am only a hobbie gardener. So I love it when he comes to my garden and expounds on the things that I have done by accident that are working. There is no order to my style of gardening, where as Justin's garden is orderly and done with reason. But the fun is how well each one works. That is the fun of garden parties to see what others are doing.


     I recently added a cover for my garden.  I got the idea from a dear friend that has his garden covered and I have found that the garden now lasts longer into the hot summer with the cover. And another benefit is that I don't have to worry to much about frost so I can plant a little earlier.

      I have grow boxes all over the yard.   have low ones and high ones.  Grow boxes are amazing and easy to maintain and keep weed free.

The Spread

      I used Banana leaves to decorate the food tables. They are green and add so much. The squares are leftover block windows from a remodel project.  Great way to lift the food up and add light and beauty to the tables.

     I made whole grain muffins for this garden party. Easy and can be made ahead.

     Fresh baked pumpkin bread, two grain salads, and a wonderful fruit topped with a hazelnut cream sauce.  That was the hit of the party.

     Lemon grass water and a fresh cherry lemonade.  Beverages are always fun.

     Of course I love the looks of complete satisfaction on the faces of those attending. These lovely girls are my nieces. My most loyal fans. I adore them.

     Notice how the grow boxes make a lovely backdrop for the tables in the yard. Some new friends that I just met at the Garden Party.

     I was surprised at all the men who came to the garden party. They had a wonderful time.  hat a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

    Justin and I have are planning more of these wonderful events. You can go to my website at and go to the calendar to see when the next Garden Party is. Remember that anytime you gather around food it's a party, add a garden setting and it becomes an experience. Our mission is to inspire you with the joys of gardening and good food. Both go hand in hand. 

 Hope to see you at the next Garden Party.  
Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. Love your garden, its so beautiful! Wish I could come see it and glean some more wonderful ideas from you! :)