Thursday, September 5, 2013

Annual Cousins Day with Chef Brad

     Each summer I have the wonderful priveledge of having my great nieces and nephews over for a day long cooking adventure.  It is the delight of my summer.  I love them so much and have so much fun when they spend the day with me,  "Uncle Chef Brad".  

     This year was wonderful,  we started out going on a culinary tour.  I called ahead and was able to have a private tour for our group at Penzey's Spices and Outrageous Olive Oils.  It was amazing and these children were amazing.  They behaved perfectly and were attentive and so polite.  I loved showing them off.  

     In the middle of the tour we stopped off and I treated them to a bubble tea or boba drink.  If you don't know what that is it is time for you to get out more often and experience life.  It is a beverage with very large tapicoa pearls at the bottom.  I adore them and I love the texture.  So I wanted to share them with the children.  It was great fun.   I could tell that they were not to pleased.  It is a shock the first time.  They were trying to please me and like them, it was funny.  I finally told them I did not care if they did not like it,  I was only wanting them to experience it.  It was an instant change.  They informed me they did enjoy the experience, if not the beverage.  It was pretty funny.  

    After the culinary adventure we returned to my training center.  We spent the afternoon cooking.  We baked hamburger buns and brownies.  We also made a salad from the spices  and the oils and vinegar we purchased on our outing.  We cooked hamburgers and had a feast.  It was a memorable day to say the least.  I truely love each one of them and so enjoyed the day.  

     Enjoy the visual journey of the day.   Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

What a lovely group.

They are so precious.  Life is all about family and food is a great way to build the bonds.

I could not be happier.  Surrounded by loving children.  

This boy is a tease.  

My grandaughter paid us a visit.  

She is addorable 

The entire group.  Have you ever seen a better looking group of children. 

There three traveled all the way from Florida. What a treat for us. 

The adventure begins at Penzeys.

This place smells great.  

This is the manager at Penzey's   She is amazing and was truely wonderful to the children.  

More learning.

Waiting for the Boba Drinks.  

Take a close look and you will see the tapioca pearls.  Big, black, and squishey.  

Waiting to be taught at the olive oil store in Scottsdale Az. 

Sampling the vinegars.  I think this one is yogurt and vinegar. 

Happy Faces.

In the Kitchen baking.  

Children love to cook.  

It was girls against boys.  

Baking the buns and brownies. 
Hi, this is fun. 

The salads,  the children choose the spices, oil, and vinegar.  It was great.

Time to eat. 

This is great. 

Best hamburger ever.

Look no hands. 

I love this food. 

The end of a great day and almost the end of this burger.


  1. These kids will always remember their summers cooking with you uncle Brad! We love you.