Monday, September 23, 2013

September Third Sunday Dinner Report

My Saratoga Jack saves the day once again.
  The Saratoga Jack is amazing.  I am able to cook alot of grains up ahead of time and just add them to what ever I am cooking.  Third Sunday Dinner is the perfect example of just how useful the cooker can be.  I cooked up whole grain splet, barley, and brown rice together.  I just brought it to a boil and place the pan in the Thermal Cooker.  Left it out over night.  Oh,  I almost forgot,  I added Penzey's Italian Sausage Seasoning to the grains.  I put in three tablespoons when I added the grains.  The grains tasted just like Italian Sausage.  Amazing.
Cooked Barley, spelt, and brown rice.

    Here are the grains cooked in the Saratoga Jack Thermal Cooker.  Cooked to perfection.

         I added the grains to the large roaster pot that I have.  I use it often because of the size and I can just let it simme all day.  Just waiting for an extra large electric pressure cooker.

Cooked Grains added to the large roasting pan.

I love grains.  

Grains added to the sauce made it perfect and ohh so tasty.

Fresh peppers and onions.

Pan baked oven rosemary flat bread.

I always add carrots to the sauce.  

Watermelon is a treat all the time.

These boys are great.   Justin, Justin, and Denson

The happy group, part of the happy group.

The Ice Cream cones were a big hit.  

Fix food and the youth will come.  

I love everyone that comes to dinner.   Food is a
great way to make friends.  

The food is gone, it goes fast.  

Happy onlookers.

Happy boys, leftovers, when there are some are always appreciated.

Don't you just love the Mormon Missionaries.  They are
the cream of the crop in the youth of today.  
   This month I served pasta, egg noodles, with a wonderful whole grain pasta sauce.  No meat,  I used grains cooked with Penzeys sausage seasoning,  Tuscan Sunset, another Penzeys spice, tomatoe sauce, olive oil, red bell peppers, onion, garlic, and 5 lbs. of baby carrots.  After I cooked the grains,  I placed it all in a large pot and let it cook on low for 6 hours,  it was great.  No it was amazing.

     We made a tomato grain salad with fresh basil and peppers.   Fresh baked rosemary flat bread, tossed salad, and for dessert, we served Ice Cream cones.

     The weather is cooling so outside dining is great.

     It has been great to hear that others have started Third Sunday Dinners,  Second Sunday Dinners, and a friend recenlty told me that one a month was a little hard so they are doing 5th Sunday Dinners.  What ever works for you will bless the lives of so many.  Greatest joy to you in all your food adventures.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy


  1. I believe these are used as canners. But it says they are pressure cookers. What do you think? They are pretty large, up to 41 quarts - that's a lot of grains. I wonder if you could cook in them?