Friday, June 21, 2013

Fruits of our labor...

Fresh Apricot Pear Jam

     I love jam making and even though my fruit trees are young I still collect the fruit and make jam.  I hate to waste the fruits of my labor.  Sometimes I will even freeze the fruit until I have enough to make jam.  If birds are a problem it is really a good idea to pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe, not wait until all of it is done.  Sometimes waiting will make you miss out on making jam.

     One reason I make jam is to cut back on the sugar, store bought jam tends to have a lot of sugar. The other reason is, I love the feeling of accomplishment I feel when I make jam.  I love looking at stacked jars of jam on the shelves.  It really makes me happy.  And the cost of making good quality jam is very low compared to what you spend for store bought.  You can spend up to five dollars a jar for good quality jam.  And making it at home can be under one dollar a jar.
Fresh fig from my tree. Fig jam is the best ever.  Figs also act as a filler for other fruit jams. 
Best Pectin in the World
     This is Pomona's Universal Pectin.  It is the best because it allows you to adjust the sugar, or even use honey.  I use Xagave in a lot of my jams.  Other pectins are not as versatile as Pomona's in that you have to be precise in making the jams.  If you are not precise, the jams will not turn out.  Also with Pomona's you can do more then one batch at a time.  I often do as  many as 4 to 6 batches at a time.  I have used Pomona's for years and have had great success with it.  It's a wonderful product and it allows you to be healthier in your jam making.  Another great thing about Pomona's is that you can mix the fruits and create your own recipes.  Just follow the formula in the box and let the fun begin.

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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