Monday, June 24, 2013

Chef Brad in Home Event, Irvine California

It is great when best friends unit and share time together.  Sunny, Suzy, and Hillary at the Chef Brad Event

I think Hillary's kitchen has seen better moments.

Hillary and Sunny,  Hillary was the hostess for this Chef Brad Event. 

I think Hillary's Kitchen has ever been this Crazy.
    What a great week this was.  I spent three amazing days in the home of Hillary Pate doing what I do best, teaching and cooking.  It was one long class that started on Tuesday night and ended on Saturday morning.

     Tuesday night I started by teaching three short mini classes for a woman's group.  It was fun and just enough time to teach them all about fiber and how it works.   It was great.

     The fun really started on Thursday morning.  The first of the classes that started at about 9:30 Thursday morning and ended on Saturday at about 12:30

    We covered everything from pressure cooking to baking bread and all kinds of great things in between.
My newest creation.  Red quinoa mandarin orange salad.

     If you are wondering what a Chef Brad Event is I will explain.  A Chef Brad Event is a series of classes held in a private residence.  In this case it was the home of the Pate Family.  

     The hostess, home owner called and scheduled a time that worked for both of us.  The hostess invites anyone who is interested in learning and thus the fun begins.  We schedule anywhere from 2 to 3 classes each day and go for 2 to 4 days.
There is a charge for the classes.

     We eat and learn for days and cover so much.  My slogan for a Chef Brad Event is that "It will change your life forever".  It does happen.  So much to learn and such a fun way to learn. Eating and spending time with friends.  If you don't start out being friends you soon become best friends.


       Nothing like a happy face eating food.  This class was the salad class.  Grains make the best salads ever.


     Oh so tasty. Everyone loves salads made with whole grains.  The secret to success is making dressings that are full of flavor.  Salad dressings should excite the taste buds.

     On more mouthful of perfection.  Yum, it is great.

    It seems like they always take the picture at the wrong moment.   It did capture the "yum" in her expression.

Sunny kept waiting for something that was not fabulous.  

Who could resist this darling baby.   

     When you are spend a few days in someones home you get to know them really well.  I really enjoyed this family.  The children were wonderful.  I had a great time.  Babies are amazing and I love them.

Grandpa practice.

     Years ago when I was a missionary I held the babies in church so the parents could listen.  I love babies.  This was a big bonus for me to be able to hold him and feed him.  It just does not get better.

A visual of some of the things we baked.  The pizza class was great and the sandwich class was a huge hit.  The spinach sandwich bread was amazing.


Avery loved it.  Even with the spinach on top. 





   Chef Brad Events really can change your life.  Not that I am that great, it is just when we learn great principle, our lives are changed.  Chef Brad Events are all about teaching truths that change lives.  Chef Brad Events are designed to inspire those that attend to get back into the kitchen and really enjoy cooking food that not only taste great, but is good for you.
Maybe I will have the privilege of doing a Chef Brad Event in your home.  That would be great.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy.

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