Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May Third Sunday Dinner Report

      Third Sunday Dinners are amazing and each month I wonder how it will get better.  But it does.  It is a miracle.

   In May the weather was great, still cool enough to eat outside in the back yard.  It's a great time of the year.  By 5:00 it's cool and perfect for eating.

     This month we did Moose tacos.  Yes you read it right, Moose tacos.  My dear friend Michael McCarry is a big game guide in Alaska   and every year he brings back something wonderful to eat.  Last time he brought back
 400 lbs. of Moose meat.  We have eaten bear, Moose, elk, fish, more bear, and it all has been wonderful.  I enjoy the change and the excitement it causes to serve something  exotic and different.

     We do get those who are afraid to try something different, but I am really good at making them at least try it.  They don't have to like it, but they have to at least taste it.  Most love it after the first fear is gone. I think a lot of us have tired gamey meats and have a fear of that flavor.

Smoked Moose Tacos, black quinoa rice and salad.  

This is great.
     I have never had anything gamey from Michael.  He and his wife, I think she is more responsible for it than him, know how to brine and prepare the meats so they are sweet and tasty.  Of course we can never underestimate the talent of the Chef cooking the meat, but still if it is gamey no amount of talent can take that flavor away, so really the credit goes to the McCarry's for their talent in preparing wild game.
Making sure all is well. 

The Children love Third SundayDinner

Newly Married Couple joining the fun. 
     This month I smoked the meat in my Traeger  Smoker.  I marinated it for 12 hours and smoked it for 12 hours.  It turned out great.

     Fresh tortillas and homemade salsa and Moose meat make a great taco.  I prepared a quinoa Spanish rice and it was great.

     I quit stressing about what to serve.  It always comes to me a few days before the event.  And it always works out.

The Back porch is great in May.  Shaded so it is cooler.  

I love to see people eating. 

My grand baby and son-in-law and Daughter. 

The beverage station.
     I love Third Sunday Dinner.  It is always a blessing and sometimes it is hard work and not an easy thing to do.  But I just remind myself of the big picture and not the short term view of the effort and work involved in doing something like this each month.  The big picture brings me peace and joy when I think of all the wonderful friendships I have gained over the last few years and all the great food we have enjoyed and most of all the love shared within the walls of my home.  That is what makes any effort or time spent worth it.  The big picture all about love and sharing what we have with others.  We all need to be loved and lifted.  Third Sunday Dinner does just that.  I hope you are starting your own traditions that bless the lives of those around you.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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