Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Third Sunday Dinner Report

Extra Hot Waffles
          June Third Sunday Dinner was actually on the second Sunday.  My family insisted because of Fathers Day we do it early.  It was a crazy day, no a crazy week.  I spent the week before teaching a total of 14 classes in California (new blog coming).  I arrived home late on Saturday night.  I sent my dear wife to the store before I got home to pick up butter milk and eggs for the waffles.  I chose waffles because it is easy and minimal preparation is required.  Just grind the flour fresh and mix the dough.

     The trick with serving waffles for a group is to start before they arrive by turning the oven on to 200 degrees and placing the cooked waffles in the oven to keep warm.  It works great.  I just need to start sooner next time. We kept up really well until the end, a few waited for a minute or two for a waffle.  Not bad considering how many we made.  I had three waffle irons going,  the problem with my old house is that  if I have to much going on it flips the breaker.  So I have to be careful.  I have six waffle irons, but only could use three.  You can never own to many waffle irons.  

     Each one is different,  from a lacy heart waffle to Mickey Mouse waffles I enjoy each one for different reasons and sometimes I am in the mood for thin and other times for thick.  That is why I have six.  Part of the reason.  I just love waffles.   
My grandaughter 

             My family loves Third Sunday Dinner.  I love having them come.  My son-in-law loves waffles and my daughter hates them.  So he is thrilled to come and eat waffles.  She won't make them at home.  And I am thrilled to feed him.  He is wonderful and I am so grateful for him and how perfectly he fits into our family.  Just another son to me.  

Do I see a can of whipped cream on that counter?


   Sunshine, don't you just love that name, was thrilled to get a Mickey Mouse Waffle.  By the way, her name suits her perfectly.  She is a ray of sunshine.  I adore her.  

Whole Grain Waffles made with WonderFlour
Who needs a plate.

        Rainy is a wonderful friend.  She love coming to Third Sunday Dinner.  She is also a great cook.  She alway surprises us with some great creation.  This month she prepared a wonderful baked feta eggs dish.  I wanted to take the credit, everyone was raving about it and asking who prepared the wonderful egg dish.  Rainy is a master candy maker.  I am so excited,  she promised me some for Fathers day.  I hope she does not forget.

     Do I look happy.? I am.  NOTHING is better in life than having a house full of people you love eating great food and making life long memories.
Justin is my junior Chef assistant.  He is great.  

Everyone is happy. 

Intent on filling the plates. 

       It was over 100 degrees out side, but that did not stop them from eating out.  I guess by the fence it was shaded and cooler.  So out came the tables and chairs and everyone was happy.

Still not to hot to eat outside.  

It gets busy around the food counter. 

Egg shells are not in the recipe.  

I just keep mixing.

And Mixing. 

Happy day.  
     One more Third Sunday Dinner successfully accomplished.  Life is at it's fullest when we are with others sharing the things we love.  I have to admit I was a little fried and it would have been easy to just skip it, but after all is done I am filled with peace and joy knowing the great things that just happened in our home.  I have a feeling that I have no idea how many great things happen that I may never even know,  but the feeling I get in my heart as I collapse  into my bed at the end of a week like this is worth every effort and all the time spent.   Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. We missed you at our annual Sandy neighborhood breakfast. 80 omelets later. 150 people came. Here is the bacon recipe you missed:

    Barbara Kolkman's SUH-WEET BACON: that's how the young men were asking for it.
    Oven at 400. We used both the top and bottom shelf of oven--two pans at a time. Heavy Duty Foil line the rimmed baking sheets. Lay out the bacon. We used the Costco bacon but I am sure if you have a better bacon it will be even Suh-weeter. Pepper the bacon. Bake the bacon until it is almost done. Then, you have a mixture of chopped pecans, brown sugar in equal parts and a hint of cayenne and sprinkle that over your bacon and finish baking it. When you take it off the baking sheet, try to take one piece at a time and drain on paper towel. We change the foil for each batch because it starts to stick and burn with the nuts and sugar and ruins the flavor.