Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Made Sausages

Home Made Sausage Sandwich
         I love Sausages.  I love to make them and with the Bosch mixer and it's meatgrinder attachment and sausage attacment it is easy and fun to do.  It takes moments to make a lot of them and the enjoyment last as long as you have them on hand.  They tend to go fast, but they are so easy to make that I don't worry about how fast they go.  

     I love the meat grinder attachment to the Bosch.  It is great, I not only use it for sausages, but I love to grind meats for burgers and  it is easy to make breakfast sausages.  It makes making sausages fun and easy.   


      It's simple,  cut the meat in chunks and place the mixer on the side and attach the meatgrinder attachment.  Place the meat on the hopper and with the pusher, push it through the grinder.

      It only takes a moment,  the Bosch is fast and powerful.  Just another good reason to own a Bosch.  Infact I love all the attachments for the Bosch.  Nothing like have a machine that does it all.

      After the meat is ground,  remove the grinder part and add the sausage attachment.  It comes in three sizes,  I use the middle one for this style of sausages.  Sorry no photo, but the next step is placing the casings on the attachment.  It works well if you soak them in water and run water through them to open them up.  After you do this, place them on the attachment. After placing them on the attachment, tie a knot in the end where the hole is.  Start the mixer and fill the casing.

      I fill the casing to make one long sausage, sometimes it breaks, but no big deal.  After they are filled you can twist the casings to make smaller sausages..
From the sausage meat, I do sausages, patties, and just Italian suasage for pizza topping. 

Life is an adventure, and food is even a bigger adventure.  Making sausages is a fun adventure.  I love to create and have fun in the kitchen.  Adding grains makes them healthier and even better, they taste amazing.    Enjoy your adventure.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

Homemade Sausages

5 lbs pork cushion meat or butt roast cut into chunks
6 cups cooked Grains
5 tablespoons Italian Suasage Seasoning
Kosher Salt 
Fresh ground pepper
Suasage Skins

Run meat through meat grinder and add seasonings and brown rice.  Blend well and attach skins to grinder without the cutter part and run meat again to fill casings.  

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