Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Young Adult Pizza Party at Chef Brad's

Nothing like a group of young adults having a great time eating food and enjoying each other.

Rolling out the dough. About 50 pizzas.
  So when I was called recently and asked to come and teach a class for the Single Adults for the Family Home Evening, I was thrilled to be asked, but thought that a group of young single adults would not want to sit through a lecture on food.  I know single young adults and sometimes the attention span is not that great.   And I know from years of experience that they do love to eat and  no attention is required. .  So I recommended that they invite all of them to my home for an outdoor pizza party.

     Really?  That was the response I got from them.  I replied that "yes, really, that would be great and the youth would love it".  And they did.

     It was a wonderful evening.  I am not sure how many came, somewhere between 80 to 100, maybe more with all the coming and going that was going on.
Happy happy faces.

     Nothing like food can bring a group together for a great time.  And this was pretty easy thing to do.  I have a grill, a wood burning pizza oven, and a smoker.  I put a pizza stone in each one and we were able to bake 5 pizzas at a time.  It worked great.  No one really had to wait for food it went pretty fast. I think we made at least 50 pizzas.

     Notice the cuties box.  That is how I do pizza parties.  I get a flat box and containers with lids and fill it with all the toppings needed.  I make a huge bowl of pizza dough, with grains added.  The secret of pizza parties is to add my Sour dough starter to the dough.  It keeps the dough alive for the entire evening.

This is how we make the pizzas.  Totally organized and fun.  Five stones are hot in the BBQ and smokers. 

This young man was amazing at rolling out the dough. 

This is the life.

Are they ready yet.  I am hungry.

It's Done 

Cooked to perfection. 

Everyone is having a great time.

Even the Adults. 

It's getting later and no one wants to go. 

So keep making them. 

Champion Pizza Makers. 

The apron tells all. 

Wait, let it cool down first. 

That is what parties are all about,  bringing the youth together, 

Dessert pizza. 


More fun, eating is the life.  

That is a happy face. 

     I love the youth of today.  They are outstanding in every way.    It was a great evening to get to rub shoulders with some of the best young men and women in Mesa.  I was thrilled at how they showed up early to set up  and took ownership of the entire event.

     Some of them really wanted to just hang out, but made sure the job was done first sacrificing what they really wanted to do.  I was impressed with each of them.  No one complained and each person that was asked to do something did it quickly and with a smile.

    Some times we don't do things like this because we fear the work, but I have found that most everyone when asked will pitch in and help.  So really this was a wonderful evening for me.  Before they left they made sure all was done.  I would have to say "hat's off" to the parents who taught them so well.

Perfect picture face.  He could be a model. 

     Food is a wonderful thing.  If used the right way it can be a great blessing to all those who participate.  I will continue to encourage everyone everywhere to open your homes and your hearts and feed those who need to be feed.  When we feed the body we feed the spirit at the same time.

He rolled and rolled. 

Time to go....

No one wants to go.  I love it.
    I really hope you are enjoying my blog.  I really really hope it inspires you do do some of the things I an doing to bless the lives of those around you.  I hope you get the picture that it is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.  ALWAYS.   Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy