Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I have a DREAM

Kamut Caesar Salad 

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Grain Salad 
         Have you ever had a really big dream and it came true twice and ended twice but the dream is still there. That's my story.  It seems like I was born a dreamer. My wife claims that I walk around the world with emerald city glasses on. I guess I do.  I am a dreamer, what can I say.
        I grew up in the Restaurant business. I started as a bus boy in a local coffee shop at the wonderful age of 12. It was hard work and the owner was a tough old lady who everyone called Grandma and her kind husband everyone called Grandpa. Those were great years and I  would not trade one moment of the lessons I learned working there.  

Blue Cheese Pasta Salad
      I learned a lot about food at a young age.  Food back then was different then food today.  It was better quality. Most of the food in the coffee shop was made from scratch. They actually had a chef on hand to work the cafe and steak house. He was amazing. He knew how to cook, that's for sure. From his sweet  rolls to salad dressing, his stuff was great. My whole world opened up working there.
Classy Croissant Sandwich, filled with a red quinoa grape salad.
      From the coffee shop I advanced to the Steak House across the street  There again the food was amazing. Best Prime Rib ever, and my mouth waters when I think of the Monte Cristo Sandwich.  I worked as busboy, dishwasher, and helped out in the kitchen. Cleaned up after drunks in the bar and helped out in the hotel. At a young age I was made a waiter and they carried my cocktails for me. I loved being a waiter, and I have to admit I was a really great one. The cafe business got in my blood at an early age. In fact I think it was passed down in the DNA. My grandpa was a cafe owner, way before my time, and my grandmother worked in cafes, another story, another day. My mom worked as a waitress in the same place I worked. Talk about a hard task master. She was one tough cookie to bus tables for. I learned how to work hard.
My number 1 selling salad.  Chicken Mango Grain Salad

My children's Favorite the Hot Ciabatta. 
 So my love for food started early and I had a great foundation to my love of cafe's. It was a great time.

     I think that was when the dreaming started.  The dream of owning my own cafe. I still dream about it.

    I have had the experience twice and loved every moment of it.  But the sad part is both times had to end. One was kinda my fault. I got in over my head. The second one was not my fault, the Land lord got in over her head. I showed up one day to work and there was a lock down. Lost everything in a day.

But still I dream. I think it is because now more than ever as I see the need for a cafe that serves really good food, and food that is healthy. I miss my food, I miss feeding people. I miss the smell of the kitchen. I miss the rush of being buried. I miss the stress of the day. I miss the look of happiness on peoples faces when they are eating my food. I just miss it.

The Muffaletta  
     I guess once it gets in your blood there is no way out. Probably one of the reasons I feed people at home it to fill the void of not being in a cafe.

    My wife thinks I am crazy to want the head ache, but it is in the blood, what can I say.
Whole Grain Meatball Sandwich

Stuffed Melon
     So I will keep on dreaming.  And with me the dreams just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I don't just want a cafe next time, I want a cafe with a "real" whole grain bakery.  I want a cafe with a beautiful deli that prepares really wonderful and for real healthy food for people to take home.

     It would be nice to have a teaching room to offer classes and a small grain store to supply the grains that people cannot find.

     See I dream big. And somehow one day the dream will come true. Most of my dreams have come true. What would life be like with out dreamers? I think totally boring. In fact dreamers are what make the world go around.
Sweet Success Strawberry Red Quinoa Feta Salad
     Thanks for sharing a moment with me as I shared my dream with you. When it happens please come and enjoy my food.
Happy Dreaming,  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

PS. The pictures are from food I served in my cafe when it was open.  I hope your mouth waters.
Whole Wheat Turkey Sandwich


  1. I love your show on BYU tv and I will definitely eat at your cafe when it opens!

  2. We love your show, your knowledge, your recipes, your enthusiasm, your love of people, what you have built, and now your dream.
    We may never get to visit your restaurant, but we will cheer you on, and continue to enjoy your tv show.

  3. I share your dream.....that you open a cafe! My husband and I miss your food and can't wait for your dream to come true. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for cooking good food. Years ago you taught me how to make bread and opened my eyes to all the wonderful grains out there. Last night I was teaching my 8 year old how to make bread and it was a wonderful experience. Again, Thank You!!!

  4. What a coincidence! I have a dream that you have a cafe also! Only in my daydream it is here in Portland! :)

  5. I miss those chicken salad sandwiches and the grape grain salad. I used to come in and get those before I even knew you.

  6. I loved your restaurant at the Quilted Bear ... miss the yummy quinoa chicken salad!