Friday, April 19, 2013

Time Again for Third Sunday Dinner, April

I love "Third Sunday Dinner"

No matter what we serve, it is always fun. 
     At our home the calendar is all about "Third Sunday Dinner". Right after the one ends, we start thinking about the next one. At least I start thinking about it. I don't do much about it until the week of "Third Sunday Dinner". And then I start planning what I am going to serve.

     I am excited about this Sunday. The weather is great and I love outside parties. My garden is looking great,  flowers in bloom and it feels like spring.

     This Sunday I am kind of feeling like fresh, outdoors food. I have a lot of fresh zucchini.  and a huge bucket of cooked brown rice. So I am thinking of maybe deep fried zucchini with a wonderful chipotle ranch sauce. Not the bottled dressing, but fresh homemade ranch with buttermilk and yogurt. I also have tons of green beans,  I can sauté them up and do a wonderful green bean salad with a nice balsamic dressing. Fresh mint water to drink. Not much prep to do this time,  just cut the vegetables, make the dressing, and I will be ready.

And the weather is perfect for outside still.
  It's is going to be fun. We might get one more "Third Sunday Dinner" outside before it gets to hot. When that happens we just get very close in the house and eat cool foods. No baking, no frying, just nice cool foods, like salads, fruit, and things that require no cooking. Easy and fun.

     Just a thought about "Third Sunday Dinner" and any food events we do. It is not alway the right time. Like this weekend,  I will be getting up at 3 am Monday morning to hit the road for a trip to Utah. I will be teaching up there for a week plus. I have learned that anytime we do food and gather it can be difficult. But I always look at the end result, not the effort or time commitment required to do any type of gathering. It is always worth the effort. Always worth the time, Always worth what ever the cost. Bringing people together to strengthen relationships is always worth it.

If the house if to full, the patio is perfect.  
   The point is, no need to worry, just enjoy the event. Just enjoy the people you invite and enjoy the blessings of being able to have people in your home.

    Life is great,  especially when it is filled with "Third Sunday Dinner" type events in our lives.

    Next week I will post what really happened, because as you know sometimes the things we plan don't always go as planned.

Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. I'd love to bring something Brad! Please let me know.