Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Third Sunday Dinner Report

     Third Sunday Dinners I have to say are Wonderful.  But saying that I have to confess that it is not always easy.   Sometimes I am just beat and this Sunday was one of those days. To much going on.  I bring this up to prove a point. Often in life we avoid doing hard things because we are tired or busy or just plain don't want the fuss. I have learned over the years and especially since we started doing Third Sunday Dinners, over 4 years of Third Sunday Dinners, that it is not always easy, but always without fail, the joy that comes from serving out weighs the time, effort, money, spent doing it. No matter how tired I am or what is going on after the event I am filled with joy for having opened up my home and allowed friends and family and strangers to gather for a few hours to fellowship and build relationships.   

     This Sunday was no different.  I was beat from events in the week and preparation for a week of teaching in Utah. By the end of the evening I was tired and discouraged thinking all that I needed to do.  But the joy filled my heart as I thought about all that had happened that day. And I look forward to next month. I can hardly wait to see what we will be eating and who will show up and what I will learn and what my family will learn from Third Sunday Dinner.  

     This dish was the hit of the day. Stir fried brown rice with cashews and coconut oil.  Topped with yogurt and fruit. I served almost 5 gallons of cooked rice. I have to admit I had to force them to try it, but after they tried it they loved it.
Thats a lot of sliced zucchini .

This is caramelized onions and green beans.  It was great.  

Fresh sliced water melon is always a great things to serve.

Preparing to fry the zucchini  And of course I used whole grain Wonderflour to coat the zucchini.

Let it fry.

Justin is filling up the Ginger Lemonade and water coolers.

Stir Fry Rice.  Brown rice and coconut oil with cashews. 


The Finished Product. My daughter, Mauren takes photos and so she always wants a place in the beginning to take of picture of . I think it is her way of eating first.  But the pictures are great.  Green beans, rice with yogurt and fruit, watermelon, and tofu. Yes I said tofu. It was actually really good.   If you do it right, tofu can be great. I had to stand over the buffet and make everyone try it. And almost everyone loved it,  a few could not make it work,  but I was pleased that at least they would try it.

         I love the happy faces as they line up to fill up the plates. It brings joy to my heart to feed people.

        This is my dearest friend Mike McCary. I love his family.  They have been a constant at Third Sunday Dinner. In fact that is how I got to meet them when they moved into the neighborhood. I invited them to dinner and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. It is not Third Sunday Dinner without him and his family.  He is a big game guide in Alaska every year and we have eaten some pretty amazing things that he brings home and shares at Third Sunday Dinner,  Moose meat was a huge success and no one will ever forget the bear tacos and sausage.  It is always exciting to see what he will bring home each year.

The Spread,  So much good food in one place.  

My favorite part is the youth that come and enjoy the food and each other. We also love the Mormon Missionaries. And they love Third Sunday Dinners.

See you next time.  Wanda alway brings amazing things. 

The end,  putting up the chairs.  We have a chair and table shed.  Comes in handy,

 I love these two boys, Justin and Justin.  They come early every month and help me cook and prepare.
And they are amazing.  Little Justin wants to be a Chef and my assistant.  He really has a talent.

So once again we finish with another amazing Third Sunday Dinner.  You may ask why I blog about Third Sunday Dinner,  simple,  I want to encourage you to open your home and hearts to others.  I have found that we all are in great need of each other.  We need time to fellowship and build relationships in a casual setting and of course I think food it the perfect casual setting for such a thing.  When we open our homes and hearts to others our life take on new meaning and we learn so much about who we are and just how important others are to us. WE NEED EACH OTHER.  For me that is what Third Sunday Dinner is all about.  Until next time. Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy


  1. Looks like another wonderful meal. So generous of you Chef :)

  2. I agree, we all need to be more giving and sharing and this is a super way.

  3. I am moving into a senior apartment complex next month. I think Third Sunday dinners are going to be my "in" for getting acquainted with new friends - thank you for the encouragement! And the great food ideas :-)

  4. You inspire. I've actually started keeping cooked grains in the fridge. Even got my husband to eat lentils. THANKS!

  5. Yumm. Thanks for more great recipe ideas Chef B.