Monday, April 15, 2013

Stuffed Pancakes, A New Way to Make Pancakes

Stuffed PanCakes   They are as good as they look.

  I adore pancakes. Not the white flour horrible tasteless ones, but fresh ground whole grain pancakes, those rock my world. I Really could eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is endless what you can do with a good pancake and some fresh ground grains. This recipes is amazing. You can make them up and place them in the Freezer before baking and then it is just a simple thing to remove them from the freezer and bake them fresh.   

       Pancakes done right are an amazing breakfast food. Filled with fiber and protein. It is usually the butter and syrup that can bring down a healthy pancake. My family loves Xagave on pancakes.  Sometimes I add few drops of maple extract to the Xagave to add more flavor, but I personally prefer just Xagave on my pancakes and waffles. For the butter we have gone to using extra virgin coconut oil.  We just spread it on the pancakes. It's wonderful and we are getting the good fat we need. 

Cook it until it starts to bubble and dry out a little
Make sure the griddle is not to hot.
Pour the batter onto the griddle.
     So whip out the grinder and start your day out right with whole grain stuffed pancakes. It really can be a great way to start the day.                          
Stuffed Pan Cakes

For the Batter
3 Teaspoons instant yeast
2 eggs
         2 teaspoons vanilla
¼ cup Xagave
3 1/2 cups fresh ground flour, spelt, brown rice, and barley
3/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 cups water

Place all ingredients in mixer bowl and mix well for 3 minutes.  Batter should be thinner than a regular pancake.  If to thick add a little more milk.  It may need more depending on the type of flour used. Cover and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.  To make, preheat griddle on high.  Brush or spray with a non stick oil.  Ladle enough batter onto griddle, about 1/3 cup, to create 5 to 6 inch pancake.  Cook on one side only for about 2 minutes, or until top is almost dry.  Remove from griddle and fill with filling.  Fold over and gently crimp edges with fingers.  Place on cookie sheet and continue to make until batter is finished.  Brush with butter and bake for 5 to 7 minutes in a hot 350 degree oven.  

Place on flat surface and fill with fruit or...

Or nuts or what ever you want.

Fold over and crimp the edge.

Folded over and crimped pancake, but don't eat yet.

Place on baking sheet and bake in oven.

Baked to perfection,  topped with Xagave and butter.
This one is filled with a nut filling.

     Just an extra tip on baking these pancakes.  If the batter is to thin just add a little more flour. If the batter is to thick add a dash more water or milk. For filling add anything you want. Pie filling is great.  I like to use nuts and fruit in mine, I have also used lemon curd and apple pie or berry filling. Less is best when stuffing them. Baking just makes them better. So enjoy these amazing pancakes. Let me know how you do.  Chef Brad~America's Grain Guy

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  1. Hi, I watched the Chef Brad BYUTV episode, and it differs from the recipe, on the show no water is used just milk. Am I supposed to use 2 cups of water in the batter, or is that supposed to go in the syrup, or be replaced by milk? Thank you!