Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Culinary Adventure

Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert Az.

       One of my Favorite things to do in life is take my family and nieces and nephews on Culinary Adventures.

       A Culinary Adventure is taking them to places that they would never go to and have them try foods that they would never try.  It is always great fun.  My favorite are the markets,  like Oriental, Mexican, or just high end.  Places that we don't normally shop.

     My children have fond memories of me "dragging" them off to strange smelly places.  At the time it was torture to them, but now it was a great adventure that they talk about and share with others.

     When I travel I will pull over to explore different grocery stores. The best part of going anywhere is to shop at grocery stores.  Even in America the stores carry so many different things that you can only get in that region or state.  I love that.  I usually leave room in my suit case for take home items.

       One thing we don't do is try out a lot of new restaurants.  I usually am disappointed with the food and service.  So we do  eat a lot at home and enjoy trying new things.    But recently for our adventure we did go to Joe's Farm Grill.  It was really great.  I loved it.  The food is fresh and the cafe is great.  I went there because it is on my phone app for Diners Drive-ins and Dives.  I have never been disappointed with one of his recommendations.

      Recently we also visited an Oriental Market in Mesa.  It was a great adventure.  My group loved the  duck heads and chicken feet.  It was fun.   The best part was the bakery.  Vietnamese French style bakery.  We loved it.  There is one in California we found on vacation and so we were thrilled to find one like it in Arizona.  We had fun trying all the fun breads and pastries.  And the great topper for the night was the Bolba Drinks.  Those are an adventure never to forget.  Great big tapioca pearls in a wonderful taro root smoothie.  So much fun.  The first time I tried one I gaged.  It was strange.  I do love them now, but the fun is in watching others get that first tapioca pearl in their mouth.  So much fun.

       LIfe is an adventure and Food really adds to the excitement of the adventure.  And with me everyday is an adventure in Food.

Stuffed Pork Rolls


You have to try this bakery out,  it is on the corner of Main and Dobson in Mesa.  It is an oriental market with  a lot of small stores.  The bakery is not in the market, it is in it's own space right in the front.  It is a wonderful place to  spend a few hours exploring and trying out new foods.

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