Thursday, January 3, 2013

Established in 1930

My Grandpa Theabold in the 1930's to the 60's at one of his cafes  "Theabold's Lunch

      For Christmas this year my wife surprised me with this framed photo of my Grandpa in front of his cafe. It was the first I had ever seen this photo.  I was so thrilled.  It is now hanging in my office.  My grandpa owned and operated cafe's in Gallop New Mexico for years.   His cafe's were named The Luxury Cafe, Club Cafe, Theabold's Drive In and Theabold's Lunch  He was a restaurant man, which explains where I get it from.  He was really old when I was a boy.  In fact he was about 20 years older than my grandmother.  I never saw him cook,  he was retired and worked in his wood shop when we were around.  But his legacy of food was in our family.  I have in my house his meat knife that he used in his business and a large mixing spoon,  treasures to be sure.  My grandmother was a great cook and worked for him as a waitress,  that is when he fell in love with her.  She baked all the pies for the cafes and her pies were amazing.

      His mother my great grandmother, Mamie, was a wonderful pie baker.  Her pies were amazing.  She was really old when I was a boy.  We would walk down the hill from school to their home and she would always have tarts ready for us.  Her tarts were fresh pie dough cut in circles topped with jam and baked to perfection.  We loved her tarts.   She lived to be 100 and baked pies almost until she died.  In fact my Aunt Jean (Aunt Mom) tells a great story of when she went to visit her once.  She said that a few days earlier she dropped off a mason jar of tide soap and left it on the counter.  A few days later she dropped in to check on them and there was a beautiful pie on the counter.  A cherry pie if I remember right.  She also noticed that some soap was missing out of the mason jar.  She thought "Oh my, she didn't".  Aunt Mom picked up a knife and stuck it into the pie.  She tasted the pie and confirmed her suspicions,  Mamie had used the soap.  Aunt Mom asked her what she had done.  Mamie's reply was "Oh my,  I wondered why it bubbled so when I added the sugar".  That was her last pie she ever baked. 

     Growing up my Mom made the best French toast ever.  Oh my it was amazing.  My grandpa served it in his cafe's.  That is where my mother learned how to make it.  Let me tell you about this French toast.  First I have to say the first time I saw regular French toast I was confused.  It was nothing like what my mother made.  It was gross.  My Grandfathers recipe was and still is the real French toast to me.  This is how Mom made it.  Sliced homemade white bread dipped in whipped eggs, milk, and nutmeg.  Sounds normal so far....  The best part was after dipping the bread she deep fried it in Crisco shortening.  Oh my heavenly.  My mouth waters just to think of it.  I don't make it often because we don't eat a lot of fried foods, but when I do, my family loves it. 

 Some traditions especially ones "Established in 1930" must continue.  

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