Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To Toss or not To Toss That is the Question....

First roll out the dough.
      Have you ever wondered why they toss the pizza dough in the pizza shops.  There is a perfectly logical reason other then looking cool. And it does look really cool to see them toss the pizza dough high up into the air. Just a few words of friendly advice before you start tossing the dough at home in front of your children to look cool. Because it could turn out bad if you don't follow this advice.  The picture of dough on top of your head or on the floor is a picture you don't want them to have in their minds forever more, not to mention the stories they will tell. And the truth is, even if you do it perfect after that, they will never remember the good tosses. The one they will talk about is the one that landed perfectly on your head.
Gently toss in the air making sure to use closed hands.
Give it a little twist.


  Before I explain why they toss the dough, let me teach you how to go about it at home. First make a batch of pizza dough. I would recommend doing this practice run when you know that you are home alone. After you make the dough, roll it out, again make sure you are home alone, pick up the dough and start practicing.   It's a twist, toss into the air, and catch with fists. Start out with little tosses until you get the hang of it. Don't worry about messing up, remember you are alone in the house. Practice makes perfect.  Twist, turn, toss, catch with fists, start again with a little harder toss, twist, turn, catch. It does not take long to get the hang of it.

Make sure to catch it with closed fists and start again.

           Over the years as I would teach pizza classes I would be asked to toss the dough. I never would, knowing that it would land on my head.  So one night when the family was gone I made a batch of dough.  Feeling very confident after tossing a few I went to the back yard and tossed the dough. It was amazing. It went about ten feet up and floated down like a cloud. I was feeling super. Anxiously reached up to catch the dough with all fingers sticking straight out.  What a toss and what a catch. I caught the dough, and it had ten large holes in it. I was so glad that I was alone, and my family never witnessed my first attempts at tossing dough.  When I finally did make my debut in tossing dough, I left an image of perfection in their minds.  They thought I was so cool.  I never told them the hours I practiced alone. They didn't need to know that.  Is all they needed to know is that Dad was cool. He could toss dough.

     So why do they toss the dough. It does help the dough relax. If you are having trouble rolling out the dough,  give it a couple of tosses in the air and it will roll out better. It also stretches the dough, making it larger.

      But I think the real reason is, it looks cool. So whip up some dough and start practicing. Become the cool pizza tosser in your family. That is a memory they will love and cherish forever. So my recommendation is Toss the Dough, but practice first.


  1. That's a great post! I think i'll give it a whirl!

  2. So excited to come across your blog chef Brad!! I LOVE your show on byutv! I got a new electric pressure cooker for Christmas all because of you.... and I LOVE IT!! You have such a sweet personality and I'm so excited to read your posts!
    Thanks for all you do!
    Emilee Davis,