Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting in Shape After the Holiday Season

Quick take the picture before I drop these.

20 Lbs. That's more like it.

I will never be able to lift this.
      I didn't do to bad during the holiday season this year.  I have learned long ago the trick is to prepare before the season starts.  The hard part for me this year was that my knee was out, and I was not able to make it to the Gym on a regular schedule.

     Sometimes, working out is the hardest thing for me to do, but I love the way it makes me feel. I have learned that even three days a week makes a huge difference in how I feel, and how my body responds to the foods I eat.

     I have tried many different exercises over the years, and have not found many that I enjoy.  Running leaves me hurting all over.  Lifting weights is not really my favorite thing. I get bored with the workout machines at the Gym.  I try all these things because others tell me they work for them, but I get discourage when I try and have no results.  I mean lets get real,  who wants to suffer for a hour or more a day, without results. I don't.

     I have finally learned not to listen to others, but to listen to what my body likes and responds to. It is not what most others like, but I love what I do and actually find going to the Gym enjoyable and refreshing.  I have learned that all of our bodies are different so they respond to different types of physical exercise.  What works for some, does not work for others.  And the amazing thing is how quickly our bodies respond when we do what works for us.

     The most important thing, is that we do something on a regular basis.  Find out what you like and do it often.  Better yet, find a few things and change it around so you don't get bored.  I have found that I actually like boxing and jumping rope.  The rope jumping is where I get my laughs.  I watch the young perfectly in shape rope jumpers, making it look so easy and graceful, and I do it and stumble and trip and look like an idiot.  I provide entertainment for the younger group.  I can just hear them telling their friends "You should have seen the old man at the gym today trying to jump rope".  It's a service I provide, gym comedy.

     I had to get over how stupid I looked, trying to keep up with the fit and trim.  Instead I concentrate on being the best I can, and enjoying the time I spend at the gym.

     When getting back in shape, start out small and add on as you go.  Being consistent is the most important part. As we are consistent it actually gets easier and more enjoyable.  It does not have to be anything hard or long, just consistent. Whatever you do, don't compare yourself to the ultra fit men and women that you see in the gym.  I think they have been doing it longer, and some are just born that way.  I keep in mind that every thing I do helps me personally and is not a waste of time. I will probably never look like them, but that's okay. I workout for me, because I am healthier and happier when I do.  I get more done, and am adding quality to my life.

Trying something new.
     While exercise is very important, equally important is our diet.  I am not a fanatical about what we eat, but there are some simple rules we need to follow.  High fiber, low sugar.

     High fiber is so important to our diets.  That is why I love grains.  The more whole grains we eat, the better we feel, and the easier it is to keep off weight. High fiber keeps the colon clean and helps the body get rid of the bad fats we eat.  Eating foods that are not processed and filled with junk is so important.  We need 50 plus grams of fiber each day.  The average American gets about 4 grams of fiber each day. Fiber comes from whole grains and fruits and vegetables.  Processed foods are devoid of fiber and totally are the cause of staying and being out of shape/ Sugars include processed foods, and white flour garbage.  Sugars in moderation with high fiber is the secret to success.

     Does it take work to get in shape and stay in shape?  Absolutely.  Is it worth the effort?  ABSOLUTELY.

      Life is sweeter and more enjoyable when our bodies are in shape.  Being in shape is different for each person.  Find out what it means to you, and then do something about it.  How ever small or simple, every little bit we do helps us out.  Just make sure to be consistent  and listen to you body.  When we do that, the holidays don't have to be feared and we can enjoy them without the huge weight gain and guilt. Start now to prepare for the next holiday season.  I prepare all year, and because I prepared I can really enjoy the season.


  1. Great post Brad and I love the pics - go macho man!! :)

  2. I am inspired by this post! I love the recipes and insights you share, and would love to be included in your cookbook giveaway, too! Blessings~

  3. Brad, i love wstching ur show! And now a blog! I've been working on getting a grinder to branch out on other grains. You make everything look delicious and you make me want to venture into new grains! Thank you for making me 'want'
    Kristi E.
    Salt Lake City