Friday, January 18, 2013

It's time again. Third Sunday Dinner Time.

Typical Third Sunday Dinner in my back yard when the weather is great.
The Roaster is the perfect for big groups

     How quickly the month goes by.  I am amazed at how fast time flies.  It just seems like last weekend it was Third Sunday Dinner.

     Part of the purpose of the Third Sunday Dinner Blog is teach and inspire others how easy it is to open your home to others, to celebrate life through food and friendship. I will be posting each month what I do to prepare for Third Sunday Dinner.

     I usually start thinking seriously about Third Sunday Dinner a couple of days before. No reason to stress all month about it. I will during the month think about the food, but preparation does not start until Friday or Saturday, and yes sometimes early Sunday morning.  Those are the hard ones, because I don't shop on Sundays, it requires me to raid the cupboards and freezer.  Those are the days when I will fix some type of pasta dish, and turn the rest over to the Lord.

     This Sunday I have already planned what I am
Is the food good?
 going to fix.  The weather is warm so we will be cooking partly out side.  January is traditionally Indian Fry Bread Month.  I love it.  Easy, fits in the budget (don't have one but it sounds good to say it). And everyone loves it.

     To prepare I will buy the Flour, it is a certain one that the neighbor who teaches us, insists is the best one.  I will post the recipe on Monday.  The neighbor that helps is a Native American that is a single mom raising 4 kids be herself.  She spends most of her time being a single working mom, with little time to socialize.  This is a great event for her.  She gets out of the house and shares her talent with others, leaving all fed emotionally and physically.
A really large pot is also perfect for groups.

      Other things I will pick up include, Mexican Cool aid from the Mexican market. It is great stuff. The mango is the bomb.  I will also get some cheese, beans for the topping, and make some homemade salsa. Dessert always magically appears, from friends that come. I will also check my supply of paper goods.  I have a lot of leftover Christmas cups to use up. No problem that Christmas is over, I don't want to store them for the rest of the year. And who cares anyway if the cups are all holly berries style. Sometimes we sweat the little things that really don't matter. That is the one thing I have learned above all else,.  don't worry about details. When you bring people together, it's not about how much room you have, where you live, or what you serve on. No one really cares and if they do, to bad. Most are there to enjoy good food and friends. And with that, I never stress over the food. Simple is always excepted as you will see this year, when you follow the Third Sunday Dinner Blog.

     So there you have it.  I will get up early on Sunday
The house does get crowded .
 and put on the beans, the salsa I will make on
 Saturday. The rest will come together after Church
on Sunday. A couple of young men will come over and help get things together at about 3:30 and by 5:00 we will be ready for the fun to begin.
I look forward every month for Third Sunday Dinner. In fact, it is probably the most fun I ever have. It is easy, no not always, but I have learned the benefit that comes when family, friends, and often strangers meet, out weigh any effort on my part.

     I encourage you to join the fun and create traditional food event in your home. Let the fun begin.

I love big happy groups of people eating.

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  1. Looking forward to your recipes! I have friends who have struggled and attended your feed more than their bellies, you feed and touch their souls!